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SECockpit App

secockpit app

SECockpit App

If you do any keyword research, you should check out SECockpit and the SECockpit App which provides SEO on the go. 

SwissMadeMarketing is the developer of an array of online SEO related tools that include; SECockpit, RankTracker, Traffic Analysis, BacklinkSpy, and InCMS/LocalBizProfit.  All of these tools are subscription based, hosted apps that provide a wealth of information and analysis so you have the necessary intelligence to make smart decisions that will allow you to compete online.

So why am I talking about online marketing tools in an all things Apple blog?  That’s easy, the SECockpit App available for iOS. If you have an SECockpit account already, the mobile app will allow you to find out how well a particular keyword is doing while you’re away from your desktop. You can also view your existing keyword folders and add keyword ideas while on the go. This gives you a head-start when away from the office, which improves your productivity.

The SECockpit App is available in the iTunes Store > search string “seo”.  Once downloaded and launched you would enter your Username and Password if you are already a subscriber or you can register a new account which is a trial and begin searching for keyword ideas.

secockpit app

With a registered account you would initiate a new keyword search using the following steps:

  • Click on the + sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Next enter the keyword you’re interested in.
  • Enter a country and language.  So if you wish to limit your search to a particular country or language, you can.  If you want to include all countries there is an option for “All countries and territories”.
  • Click “OK”.

The search results will contain a list of related keywords sorted by their niche value (Green Bar) and you can view the competition level of each keyword (Red Bar), as well as the number of monthly searches and CPC. 

This is a small subset of data compared with what is available in the full hosted app. The full version is fast, delivering hundreds of keyword ideas in seconds. It provides key data for the top ten websites ranking for any keyword in the search results.  It includes robust filtering, export, reports, tons of training materials, and it includes RankTracker.

If you have a website or manage one for someone else, these tools are essential.  Check them out and don’t forget to try the SECockpit App from the App Store.

Check out this video introduction to the SECockpit App.

As always we welcome any questions or comments.

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