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Screens 4 Improves Remote Management


Screens 4

Screens is one of those apps that has managed to stay on top due to its adaptability. Ever since its release some 6 years ago, it has been the favored name for remote connections. With the release of its fourth version today, it has revolutionized cross-platform remote access.

Using this app on your Local Area Network is extremely easy. If the devices in question are connected to the same network, you merely press the add button in Screens and select the Mac from the available devices, ensuring a fast and effortless connection.

Establishing a connection using the internet is a little more tricky, but nothing too hard. You install Screens Connect, a plugin required for the remote connection, to every Mac you intend to connect to. After setting it up, you sign-up and login to a free Screens Connect account and proceed as if you were on the Local network.

With today’s update, the app has introduced a host of new features that improve your experience overall. One of these features is that you no longer need to type in your user-name and password every time you log in to your Mac, instead you can hold down the action button and Screens will automatically fill in the required fields. From there you can turn on Curtain Mode to hide what are you doing from anyone in the vicinity of your actual screen.

3D Touch support has also been added for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Tapping the Screens icon allows you to view recently used screens and enables you to quickly add a new one. Furthermore, you can access your previously saved screens using the Spotlight search. From within the app, you can look at saved screens and connect to it in any of the modes available.

You also have the option to group your saved screens now, making it easier to organize and view for people who use a multitude of screens. A split screen mode is available for the iPad, which is especially useful for when you want to work on your remote device and iPad together. The Split view is a little glitchy in its interactions, but the issue is from Apple’s side and will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming software update.

Overall, whether it be the visual alterations in the action toolbar, or the plethora of new useful features, Screens has done a marvelous job with their new update and are continually making remote access more and more attractive.

Screens 4 is free of cost for existing users but a new copy for iOS costs $19.99. The Mac version is $29.99.

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