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Save More: Tips in Saving Energy Bills This Pandemic

Light Bulbs at night

It is during these challenging times when your energy bills continue to rise as more of you and your family members are spending time at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic is not yet cleared, it seems to pay for higher energy and utility bills will also be extended in the coming days. 

So, it is best that you look for ways to save up on your energy bills even if you are practicing social distancing, quarantine, or self-isolation. What you can do first is to plan your energy consumption and may search for websites like to help you out. 

You may be a bit anxious about the fact that you are still working from home instead of doing paperwork from your air-conditioned office. However, do not stress yourself too much. Try some of these tried-and-tested tricks to help you save on energy even during these financially trying times. 

Fridge Cost-Saving 

Let us start with the refrigerator which takes up a huge amount of your electricity bill. Almost 13% of your energy is coming from the ones sucked up by your fridge. Old refrigerators and freezers are guzzle-electricity, so if you have these kinds of old refs, you better give serious thought to exchanging them with better and energy-saving ones. Look for more + in its label after the letter A as this shows its energy efficiency. 

Keep your fridge closed. Every time you open the ref, all the cool air goes out and room temperature comes in. Then as you close it again, the fridge has to power up to keep everything inside the fridge cool again. That is why if you are cooking or preparing a meal, better think ahead of all the ingredients that you need so that you do not use up all that energy by opening and closing your fridge again and again.

Another useful tip is to not place your fridge near an oven, hob, radiator, direct sunlight, or any heat source so that your compressor will run smoothly and it will not work overtime. If you have that fridge that has an ice machine, it would be good to turn it off as this can make your bills jump to 20% when turned on. Use ice trays instead. 

Lights Off

Though you have heard this over and over again, making the conscious effort of turning off your lights when it is not needed like before going to sleep, could really affect a significant change in your electric bills. Make use of natural light in your home. Place your work area near the window so that you can make use of the natural light instead of turning on the lights. Buy quality LED lights bulbs that use 75% less energy and also last longer than the usual light. Hire a company like BSK Electrical to buy and install quality LED lights bulbs that use 75% less energy and also last longer than the usual light.

No To Peak Hours

Run your washing machines and dishwashers on non-peak hours. Electric companies typically charge on-peak hours which is usually from the afternoon till night time but may vary based on the district. Try to avoid using your machines during these times as you will be charged more. Maybe you can use it in the early morning when the electricity is at a low point.

Air Dry Your Things

Dishwashers have a power air-dry setting where after the dishes are washed, the air dryer starts. And when it eventually stops, your dishes become dry. Instead of using this, you can turn off this dry setting and open the dishwasher or place the dishes on a rack so that natural air can get in and dry the dishes instead. 

The same thing goes with your laundry. Regularly clean your clothes dryer lint trap so that it will be more effective. Do not combine light garments with heavy garments as this will slow down the dryer’s drying time. 

You can also try throwing in some dry balls or a dry towel to significantly hasten the drying time of your clothes. If the sun is up, you can also hang your clothes to naturally dry. Use both your dishwasher and washing machines in full capacity by filling up the space to use electricity efficiently. 

Energy Setting Laptops

Laptops are mostly designed to use less energy when they are not plugged in. This way you can always save up on energy when using your laptops. It is for this reason why nowadays many prefer to use laptops than their desktop counterpart. Make sure that they are charged well so that you will not have to use it when it is plugged in and runs at higher speeds and uses more energy. 

You can also change your laptop’s energy settings so that it stays the same even if your laptop is plugged in or not. Just make sure to follow the instructions in setting this up to protect your laptop. 


For most of the people who are pinching pennies right now, saving on energy may be the best way to ease your expenses especially during the pandemic. With the way life is making this big change, you may even realize that energy-saving could even be the New Normal life for you.

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