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Save Links To Pocket From iOS 8 Safari Extension

Pocket share links directly from ios 8 safari extension

Have an interesting blog-post open in Safari, and wish to save link to Pocket? On iOS 7 and earlier, it involved copying the link to your clipboard, exiting Safari, launching Pocket, and tapping on ‘Add’. With iOS 8 Safari Extensions, it will take just two taps: Share > Pocket. We show you how to save links to Pocket using Pocket 5.6 when it launches tomorrow worldwide alongside iOS 8.

Pocket share links directly from ios 8 safari extension

iOS 8 App Extensions, And How They Will Affect You

A lot of iOS 8 biggest features come under the umbrella of App Extensions. Using the APIs available under this name, developers can enhance sharing options throughout iOS, add their own widgets in the Today view (Notification Center), incorporate custom photo-editing tools in, change default keyboards, create custom actions within Share menus, and access documents quickly from other apps.


  • Edit photos using Camera+ filters in
  • Clip webpages to Evernote from Safari
  • Add ESPN Sports widgets in Today
  • Use a cool alternate iOS 8 keyboard like Minuum
  • Translate webpages using Bing Translate

… and do all of this without leaving the current app. I’ve mentioned this before, but it merits mentioning again: this will close the feature gap between iOS and Android.

Save Links To Pocket Directly From iOS 8 Safari Extension Without Bookmarklet

save link to pocket directly ios 8 safari extension without bookmarklet

Back on topic.

Pocket 5.6 will launch tomorrow (September 17th) alongside iOS 8. It includes the long-demanded ability to directly save links to Pocket directly from Safari without any hack-ey JavaScript bookmarklets.

Assuming you have updated to Pocket 5.6 on iOS 8, follow these steps to enable direct saving from Safari:

  1. Launch Safari
  2. Tap the Share button (in case you don’t know: box with an arrow pointing up)
  3. Swipe left / slide right to tap on More
  4. Toggle Pocket on.

That’s it! You can also re-order share menu items, as discussed previously.

Besides the iOS 8 Safari Extension, Pocket 5.6 adds other features as well.

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