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Criminal Cases

In the past, criminal cases were usually classified into four categories, namely, political, economic, gangster, and vengeful cases. But the situation has changed a lot now, and the “four categories” to reflect the diversity and complexity of criminal cases seem insufficient.

Types of Crimes

Crimes are divided into different types such as,

  • Crimes against national security
  • Crimes of endangering public security
  • Crimes of the market economy
  • Crimes of interest and democratic rights
  • Crimes of corruption
  • Domestic crimes

And many more…

Criminal Lawyer

A criminal attorney is a lawyer whose primary business is legal services in handling criminal cases. In criminal cases, criminal lawyers can professionally defend their clients with the relevant case information and other appropriate evidence materials learned from the suspects, and witnesses which can effectively protect the vital interest of the parties, San Diego criminal lawyer will provide you a full-time service to protect your rights and your privacy.

Intervention Phase

Lawyer’s involvement in criminal cases can be divided into three stages, namely the criminal investigation stage, the examination and prosecution stage, the public trial stage.

Criminal Investigation Stage

It is necessary to apply to the criminal investigation department. The criminal investigation department will arrange a meeting within 48 hours. During the examination and prosecution stage and the public prosecution trial stage, lawyers can meet criminal suspects and defendants at any time during working hours, and there is no need to apply in advance to the judicial authorities.

Review Prosecution Stage

Criminal lawyers meet with criminal suspects in custody to understand the circumstances of the case. Check, extract, and copy the litigation documents. He applies for the bail pending trial, and asks to lift or change the compulsory measures; And then he applies for the witnesses provided by the people’s procuratorate to the criminal suspects or other relevant units. Finally, he put forward a written defense opinion that the criminal suspect is not guilty or guilty or reduced or exempted from criminal responsibility.

Trial Stage

Criminal lawyers go to the people’s court to check, extract, and copy case material. Meeting with the defendant in custody; Investigate and collect evidence related to the case according to law; Participate in court investigations and court debates, and submit written defense opinions. And finally, hear the defendant’s opinion on the verdict and give legal help.

Work and role

Because most of the people who never hired a lawyer do not know much about the work and role of lawyers in criminal cases. At the same time, due to some corrupt officials in the public sector, the criminal lawyer’s resistance and false induction have caused many people to doubt the work and role of lawyers. Do lawyers have no roles in criminal cases? In fact, lawyers have a lot of work in criminal cases, and their role is unquestionable. Many situations at home or outside can be fully explained. San Diego criminal lawyer also works on the same. You can browse them on the internet to find out more before you approach them.

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