Samsung’s Appeal Against Apple Was Rejected

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Bad news for Samsung! The latest of Samsung’s appeal against Apple was rejected. The United states Federal Court of Appeals rejected the Korean smartphone manufacturer’s appeal on 14th August 2015, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News.

The original suit held that Samsung had infringed on Apple’s smartphone designs and asked the company to pay Apple, the Cupertino based company, damages amounting to a whopping $1 billion. The verdict was a result of an August 2012 verdict that held that 23 of Samsung’s products, including the Galaxy S2 mode, were an infringement of Apple’s patents. The case, popularly referred to as ‘Apple I’, was the first of a string of legal feuds between the two companies. However through a systematic series of appeals the figure was cut in half to approximately $548 million. $370 million of the damages of the original $1 billion were thrown out when it was stated that Apple could not rely on the issues termed as ‘trade dress’ which state that the shapes of iPhone’s made them unique and original. Apple stated that the designs helped transform the company’s ‘bulky-walkie-talkie-like-boxes’ into sleek designs.

The United States’ Federal Court rejected the bid without comment. This leaves the North Korean company to pursue the Supreme Court of U.S as the last resort. Samsung also argued for a full 12 judge roster instead of a three-judge roster claiming that such a roster had made a mistake when it held that Samsung’s smartphones and tablets were using designs patented by Apple.

Surprisingly, Samsung was supported in their appeal by many large tech companies. Google, Facebook, EBay Inc and Hewlett-Packard supported Samsung’s request for another hearing by signing a ‘friend of the court’ brief on their behalf. They stated that the decision would ‘lead to absurd results and have a devastating impact on companies, including amici, who spend billions of dollars annually on research and development for complex technologies and their components’.

Last year another jury found that Samsung copied more products of Apple and awarded $120 million in damages in a case in California last year. This case was also appealed by Samsung. However the two companies have reached a settlement to prevent any further litigation outside of the United States.


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