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Samsung Galaxy A80- Rotating Camera review

Samsung Galaxy A80, Camera review, Rotating Camera, Galaxy A80, Samsung Smartphone

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy A 80, their first smartphone ever to have a full-screen super AMOLED infinity display. There is no notch and there is no punched hole. The front is pretty much all screen and there are actually quite a few features that Samsung has debuted in this phone right here but to me, the most exciting thing is this camera. Let’s find out why.

The A 80 has a triple camera setup which is cool in itself but it is nothing we have not ever seen before. Also, you can buy this gadget using Gonoise Coupons with great offers.

You have got a 3d depth sensor, a 48-megapixel main camera and then ultra-wide on the wide right and aside from not having a telephoto lens here, it is kind of similar to the setup we have seen on a Galaxy S10. You can seamlessly transition between the main camera and the ultra-wide depending on how much wide you want to capture and this new animation added makes that transiti0on a little less abrupt and what I was impressed by is that like it is more expensive cousin it does have most of the same camera features like 4K video recording, slow motion as well as super slow motion. It has even got the same super steady video at 1080p that the S10 phones do although I would say this is not as good as stabilization on the P30 pro generally speaking.

The rear camera Selfies

Now because we have also got that 3d depth sensor it does open up a few new possibilities like being able to use augmented reality to measure objects in real-time yet before we can completely find a workable pace camera flips around. When you flip to the front camera, the entire camera module rises and then turns and that in itself is pretty cool but the implication is much more important and it is actually something that I have been asking for on a phone for a long time it means you can take selfies with the main camera on this device and the quality looks amazing.

It implies you can take them with a full ultra-wide, the equivalent ultra-wide you would use to take your back scene photographs and it also means you can take good quality to live focus selfies with nice blurred backgrounds and crisply defined edges and whilst it is not yet time to throw DSLR at the door. This phone can also do live focus video and it is better than what I thought would be. It takes advantage of that depth sensor to calculate the background in real time or what it foreground. It only works in 1080p as opposed to standard selfie video which you can shoot in full 4k so that still makes this one of the first phones in the world that can do that.

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The thing to worry about

There is one thing that worries me a little bit about this phone when we open up that camera module aside from having a number of moving parts in one go you have also got the fact that there are two stages to the movement of that camera rotation. It is not one continuous smooth movement and so that does make me think that there is potential overtime for this to start to go wrong a little bit but we will have to wait and see.

The display kind of surprised me because it is a massive six-point seven inches in size with only a full HD plus resolution. I was somewhat stressed fortunately having invested some energy with it I would state it is one of the features of the phone. It is insanely bright and super vivid thanks to super AMOLED technology and because they are no physical cutouts on the phone in some ways it looks more impressive than even high-end flagships like the p30 pro. Sadly compared to that phone and compared to the glamorous device this th8ing is pitched as I think it kind of looks a little bit dull.

Colors available and headphone jack

The A80 does have a few different color options but most of them I found were pretty dull looking which considering how exciting the concept of this rotating camera is feeling a little bit contrasting. Moreover, you can subscribe free of cost to get the latest update on Samsung Jobs. Out of all of them, the one with the rose gold finish is my favorite and I do like the bronze metallic shiny shades sides. The phone loses the dedicated Bigsby button we had on the S10 and I do not think that too many people are going to be bothered by this but you will feel a bit more with the lack of the headphone jack.

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