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With the growing trend of wireless earbuds this year, Samsung has introduced its Gear IconX which are truly wireless earbuds that have elaborate use in fitness tracking. Until now, the Bragi Dash was considered the most reliable source of wireless earbuds but given the immature nature of this product in the market, it had certain compromising factors in its specifications.

The Samsung IconX is basically built for people with spontaneous workout routines, and health enthusiasts. The design makes it easier to be usable 24/7. Aimed at the ‘casual exercisers’, the earbuds are light in weight and come in different sizes so they can be snug and comfortable for the users. The Gear IconX has the exciting feature of a built-in heart rate sensor and other sensors to keep track of speed and distance. It can also be connected to the S Heath app which will display all of your Health data compiled in one place.

The $199 IconX are cheaper than most of its competent similar products, however, the features and design they have cannot be considered unique. The Samsung Gear IconX is a pair of completely wireless earbuds with absolutely no physical connection between the two or with a phone. The earbuds come in a pill shaped container and are placed in it when not in use. The container provides almost two complete charges.

The earbuds come with an internal memory of 4GB that is for storing music if the user does not want to connect them with their phones. They are extremely easy to use as each earbud has its own touchpad. A tap on the touch pad pauses/plays the music while double taps skip tracks. Tapping the pad three times goes back to the previous track. The volume is changed by swiping on the touchpad up and down.

The overall sound quality of Samsung IconX has been reported as good, and with the additional ambient mode that allows you to listen to music and the surrounding sounds, Samsung Gear IconX is definitely a step ahead in wireless earbud technology.

As you’d expect, the Gear IconX connect to the phone wirelessly and have no wires connecting the two earbuds — they are truly independent of each other. The earbuds are stored in a pill-shaped case when not in use, which provides up to two full charges. That’s a good thing because the battery life on the IconX is by far its biggest compromise. Samsung says that the headphones will last about an hour and a half when streaming music from your phone or just over three and a half hours when playing music stored on their 4GB of internal memory.

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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