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Samsung and Apple

Samsung and Apple

Samsung and Apple both have been in the current news due to their off and on legal disagreements with the most recent one in which the latter won a huge patent infringement case in the US that required the Korean tech giant to pay up for some “Design infringements” which Samsung lost its appeal of $400 million ruling against it for copying the original iPhone design. However on the same day (Sunday) Samsung previewed its new smartwatch during the Galaxy Note 5 launch event. Surprisingly the software which Samsung adopted is not the Android Wear standard offered by Google instead Samsung chose its own OS for the Gear S2: Tizen OS. Many were expecting the announcement but were rather baffled because of its resemblance to Apple Watch.

The similarities between Samsung and Apple Watch are very shocking. To begin with, the metal frame gave them away. Secondly the redesigned icons and design direction of the home screen also looks similar to Apple’s offering. Actually some believe that Samsung didn’t really need to do this because despite the fact that users love the idea of  Apple Watch and are all praises for the product but still many of them are not very impressed with the circular icons because it becomes harder to navigate and tap on as the number of apps increases. However, the Samsung watch is quite similar to the interface of that of Apple Watch. For example, if you look closely, the weather icon is flipped horizontally. So is the runner. Whereas the text message speech bubble is a rounded rectangle instead of Apple’s oval. Moreover, the phone icon isn’t changed at all. This new move by Samsung might deteriorate the relationship of Samsung and Apple further.

This Samsung and Apple business of “borrowing” ideas also points towards Apple Watch hardware, which has a rounded rectangle design, which is exactly like the original Samsung Gear watch which also had a stylish curved screen. But the new Samsung Gear will be circular, just like the traditional watches and the good old Moto 360 and LG smartwatches. This new circular design should appeal to a lot of watch lovers as it kind of makes it a fashion accessory. It is really strange that Samsung copied Apples Interface when it was on a path of creating its own distinct product.

For now Apple’s lawyers may want to avidly read the details of this article and have a good look at the new Samsung gear as it seems that Samsung is up to its old tricks.

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