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Sales Process In The Age Of Digital Transformation

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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the business world is changing with it. We are in an age of digital transformation and any business that wants to remain competitive on the market has to keep abreast and stay current with the changes taking place. Nowadays, you will find most of your prospects on their gadgets. If they are not chatting about social media, they’re looking up information on google, playing mobile games, or even shopping online. And this is what some of the most successful companies around you take advantage of to sell their products and make profits.

The sales process as we know it, involves prospecting, preparation, approaching prospects, presenting your product, handling objections, and closing along with follow-up. With the current advancements in technology, however, there’s a lot more to it than the traditional approach covers. What’s more, it comes with many benefits including cutting costs, especially since every part of a sale can be processed digitally. Brady Andersen from says that companies can cut costs by going completely paperless. Additionally, using certain digital tools and resources can maximize your sales, make you more competitive in business, increase efficiency, and boost effectiveness. Nonetheless, the sales process in the age of digital transformation requires you to be more creative and more innovative with today’s technology.

Here are some things you should know and utilize to take advantage of this digital age and maximize your sales.

Social Selling

With the current number of social media users being roughly 2.55 billion, every wise entrepreneur, brand or seller knows the importance of staying interactive with this huge captive audience. According to a study done by PwC, 78% of online shoppers say they were influenced by social media. Social selling involves creating a stunning business/sales profile and keeping your audience engaged, providing value to them and staying interactive as you slowly promote/sell your products and services to prospects. In this age and day, it should definitely be in your sales strategy.

Mobile Apps

It is estimated that about 2.7 billion people currently own a smartphone. This provides a rich audience to brands and sellers, and one of the ways to find new prospects and sell your products or services is using mobile apps. If you’re a well-established brand, you could develop your own sales mobile app or you could use already existing mobile apps that offer space for advertisement at a small fee. For the later, such apps include mobile game apps, lifestyle apps, learning apps, among others. The possibilities are endless.

Internet Marketing

Last but not least, it is extremely hard for businesses to survive in this digital age without online marketing. To be honest, marketing is what drives sales and when it comes to internet marketing, it’s a whole important subject you should learn altogether. In a nutshell, it involves creating a stunning business website, using SEO to increase your online visibility, using email marketing to promote your products, and providing meaningful content such as videos, articles, blog posts, and reviews to woo them into purchasing your products or services.

In summary, we can all agree that in the digital world of today, it has become fairly easier to do business. However, it doesn’t mean that it is any less competitive. To stay ahead of the game and maximize your sales, it is imperative to stay current with the various technological advancements that are taking place with the tick of the clock.

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