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Safety Eyewear Frames in Construction

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Protecting the eyes in a hazardous occupation such as construction is a no brainer. According to research conducted by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, more than one-fifth of eye-related accidents occur in the construction work. The dangerous nature of construction demands ample protection for workers to prevent accidents. The need for protection is encapsulated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration in standard number 1910.133. Employers must analyze the perils posed by construction environment. This will help them to accurately prescribe the eyewear for laborers. By and large, the requirement is compulsory by law & safety eyewear frames must be worn during all working hours.

  • Accidents caused by construction work

Most of the construction activity involves dealing with solid materials & toxic liquids. It includes activities such as site clearing, excavation, installing pipes, pouring semi-solid material in large quantities. The large amount of particles in the air caused by the aforementioned activities are hazardous. Any work without safety gear must be strictly proscribed by employers. Injuries often prove to be far worse for companies than employees.

The very hazards can inflict damage to the worker’s eyes in numerous ways. The toxic liquid splashes are often common when dealing with barrels of liquid. They can also occur while pouring semi-concrete material which can impose permanent damage. When it comes to drilling or cutting concrete, residues can fly into the eyes. The use of safety eyewear frames is of importance here.  Projectiles of residues are often high impact in form. Debris from heavy objects heaving onto the ground or carrying up are common as well. They can rupture the cornea of the eyes at any given moment. Small tools such as nails; screws; washers can also inadvertently damage the vision.

High temperatures are common in a construction milieu. Workers are exposed to long hours of radiation in the form of heat existing in both indoors and outdoors. Apart from skin, eyes can also be dearly affected by the harms of extreme heat. Long term vision ailments such as cataracts or macular degeneration are evident among old factory workers.

  • Recommendations for protection

The premise of RX safety glasses can never be discounted due to the very hazards. The OHSA’s requirements confer the rights of protective eyewear for workers. Not only the mandatory requirement should be satisfied, but the quality aspect should be too. Protection for eyes must be in a comfortable fit, offering assured resistance against impact of high-velocity particles.

An anti-scratching mechanism should exist as well. Scratches prevent accurate vision and can be a source of hindrance for workers. To check this, attention must be paid to the coating of the lens. ANSI safety glasses standard Z87.1 ensures robustness of the protective eyewear. Workers must look for an etched mark of “+” engraved on the lens of glasses. Also, Polycarbonate lens wards off any UV ray exposure to the eyes. Hence, the significance of personal protection equipment for eyes cannot be forgone.


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