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Rumor; No Headphone Jack For iPhone 7

No Headphone Jack

Even if the unveiling of, and consequent sale of, the new iPhone 7 is nine months away, rumors are still rife about the possible features that the next generation iPhone will exhibit.

A few weeks ago we told you that according to the Japanese internet site called Otakara, Apple was planning to churn out its newest iPhone model with no headphone jack. It will instead offer an all purpose Lightning connector which will help with connectivity as well as any audio outputs.

However, a few recent rumors are now claiming similar findings regarding Apple’s next generation mobile phone. If Chinese websites Anzhuo and Feng are to be believed then this is very true, according to supply chain rumors.

Both of these websites say that apparently the new iPhone will not have a headphone jack and that instead of the previous Apple headphones, the Cupertino-based company will be releasing wireless headphones that operate via Bluetooth technology. (We should remind you again however that any such unverified rumors or news should be treated with caution as they might not have any truth to them.)

Compared to this the original report by Mac Otakara claimed that Apple would be soon releasing EarPods which are Lightning-equipped. It should be noted that Apple already produces Powerbeats 2, Solo 2 and Studio headphones, which are all wireless headphones manufactured under the Beats brand. Apple produced MFi Program specifications in the June of 2014. This technology allows third party manufacturers, like Philips Fidelio M2L and Fidelio NC1L, to build on and create Lightning-equipped headphones.

The report also says that the Lightning connector will also have a digital to audio converter (or a DAC) which will provide compatibility with wired headphones that use a 3.5mm headphone jack. It may also be entirely possible that Apple will also introduce to it’s consumers the opportunity to charge their iPhones wirelessly because with Lightning-equipped headphones it will not be possible to listen to music and charge the iPhone 7 simultaneously.

The fan base of Apple has exhibited ambivalence about this new “possible” feature of the iPhone 7. Some claim that in ditching such an old standard Apple is making a bad move, while others think that Apple’s unique innovative streak requires that such changes be bought to it’s products over time.

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