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ROXs, Screen-Free Active Gaming


The Consumer Electronics Show provides the opportunity for vendors to showcase and launch new products.  One that caught my eye that I would like to share with you is Roxs, the first “Off Screen Game Console”. If you’re scratching your head like I did when I first read this, then read on.

A-Champs has come up with an interesting concept that satisfies a kid’s desire to play electronic games, but also gets them off the couch to play them.

A-Champs says, “We use latest tech and online gaming concepts to get kids moving in real life. Picture a real life video game where kids run around in the backyard like Super Mario in his fantasy world.”

Even though this product is not directly related to Apple tech, I thought it deserving of an article on our blog since it appears to be one of the more clever ways to combat a serious health problem in this country, childhood obesity.

Rox’s is basically a new toy category.  “Screen-Free Active Gaming” which is designed to get kids moving, running and jumping.

The following is from a recent A-Champs press release:

This is connected play, an interactive game system powered with the latest tech: wireless communication, sensors, RFID, lights and sounds. Kids spend way too many hours in front of screens and too little time running, moving and playing around in real life. 

Everybody is aware of this problem, but so far there are no convincing product solutions that successfully engage millions of U.S. kids in more physical activity.

That’s where A-Champs comes into play. The idea is to give kids ages 6 to 10 products that entertain them in the same way video games do – but offline, away from screens. A-Champs uses a unique combination of the latest tech, simple gaming concepts and an integrated product platform to get kids to run, move and jump.

ROXs consists of wirelessly connected high-tech sound and light buttons that make kids scramble around hunting for higher scores. It is like playing a temple run game in real life.

“ROXs is the world’s first Off Screen Game Console. We tested ROXs with hundreds of kids, parents and PE teachers. Kids love the product because it’s pure fun and action. And it’s a toy that both sporty and tech-savvy parents will feel good about giving to their kids. It’s a great gift for girls, boys and families.” said Kilian Saekel, Founder and CEO of A-Champs.

Roxs comes with more than 10 pre-programmed games. Own rules can be created and the pace of the game can be set according to the player’s skills. ROXs can be placed anywhere: on the ground, fixed to a tree or strapped around objects and friends. There are no limits. Imagination rules.

With the dynamic software inside of each ROX, new games can be downloaded at any time and scores can be shared with friends.

Other products from the A-Champs range are planned to hit the market in June 2016. They all build on the ROXs concept and form an integrated game system. If wanted all separate products can be wirelessly connected and integrated into one awesome gaming experience.

Congratulations to A-Champs on the launch of Roxs.  Thanks for getting our kids off the couch, running and jumping like kids should!

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