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Revols Quick Custom Fit Wireless Earphones



Someone has finally figured out how to provide quick, custom fit, light weight, Bluetooth earbuds with excellent sound quality.  That someone is a startup by the name of Revols.  Revols is a Kickstart project that looks very  promising.

They have come up with a way to solve what has been a fairly expensive and time-consuming problem—custom fitting earpieces.  The Revols wireless earphones use gel-filled tips that mold to your ear for a personal fit that result in no pressure points or discomfort. All the customer has to do is place the gel-filled tips in their ears and click a button on the companion iOS app.  Like magic after about 60 seconds, the gel sets and hardens keeping their shape.


The company quickly surpassed its Kickstart crowdfunding goal of $100,000 and has 59 days to go. Revols made a smart move and partnered with Onkyo, the Japanese audio developer who has over 70 years of experience with high-end audio technology. Their goal in this project is to deliver a world-class audio experience.


The earphones are expected to deliver about 8 hours of playtime, which can be extended to 14 hours with Revols Revive battery pack, an optional accessory. 

A variety of colorful Sport Skins are available for extra protection and personality. 

One really cool feature of the companion app and the headphones themselves is the Revols Adjustable Soundscape. This is the ability to blend the external noise around you with what you’re listening to. If you live in a big city with a lot of background noise and you like to exercise outside, you won’t be caught by surprise by anything. There are small microphones in each earpiece so you will not only hear any external noise, but you will also know what direction the noise is coming from. The App also includes an equalizer.

Each set comes with an additional pair of tips in an alternate size.  There is also a rotating bezel so you can position the cord to suit your comfort. The set also comes with a handy carrying case.

Additional features include inline volume and playback control and hands-free calling.

Billed as “The last headphones you’ll ever need”, Revols may very well be on to something. I’d keep an eye on this one.

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