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Review on SyncMate

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Often, it’s no less than a nuisance for Android and Mac users to back-up their data. However, we found one ultimate solution in the app: SyncMate.

Get to back all your data from any Android device with 5 or plus versions

SyncMate easily can back all the existing data in any of your Android models. This can include any phone, tablet, TV, or PC with Android version 5 and more till Android 10.

So, this covers all the latest and old devices. Now, it’s never going to be trouble for you to back-up the data. You can sync Android phone with Mac computers you own effectively using this app.

You can connect all your Android and Mac devices within minutes

The files transferring app for Android models and Mac computers, SyncMate, has easy steps to follow. You have to download and install the paid version of the SyncMate app first. The paid version will help you score all the benefits at once.

Users can then connect the Android device with the existing Mac computer nearby. You can easily click the Sync button to sync the data between the two devices running on different operating systems. That’s how the process begins for synchronizing all the available data without delays.

You can even time the duration SyncMate takes. For us, it has been only a handful of minutes for syncing GBs of data from one model to another.

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You can try backing-up data from a Mac computer to an Android device

SyncMate works both ways. That’s one of its specialties. You can even back the data available in the Mac computer to the available Android device of 5-10 version. This way, you can access everything that’s available on your computer even when you are driving or going somewhere.

It syncs the data even in the background

You don’t have to delay your regular mobile, tablet, or computer tasks for the sync to complete. That’s one of the benefits of switching on the access Android from Mac computer option. This is a useful feature when you don’t have enough time to sit around and wait for it to end.

We understand that there is always a lot we have to do on our computing devices. We cannot just simply sit idle and wait for the back-up to finish. That’s why we consider SyncMate to be at its finest, knowing how to sync data in the background once the Sync button is pressed.

Plus, this is available in the free version of the app.

Sync all your contacts and calendars

Simply synchronizing media files like photos, videos, or audio isn’t enough. There is a long list of contacts and calendar entries that you won’t like to miss. So, SyncMate ensures that you get the ultimate benefit of synching all the possible entries stored in your Android or Mac computing or smart devices.

Moreover, this feature is also available in the free version of the app. You don’t pay a single penny for using this feature on your Android and Mac devices.

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