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Review on MacDroid



Transferring your images, files, and other documents from one operating system and device to another is cumbersome. But today, we have a solution for that: MacDroid. Read the review about this app in detail below to ensure it’s the app for your file transfer needs.

There is an availability of a smooth connection between Android devices and Mac computers

The MacDroid app allows you to transfer numerous files from your latest Android devices to a Mac computer using the USB. So, now you can take the benefit of both devices. You don’t have to depend on only one device.

Ask you for quick access to share files using MTP or ADB connection

When you use the USB, the connection is simple. There will be a pop-up on your Mac computer. It will ask you to enable the MTP or ADB mode. This mode is necessary for the MacDroid, the ultimate android transfer app to work.

Free and premium versions of the app are available

MacDroid comes into formats. One is the free one for regular file transfer from one device to another. However, from subscribing to the MacDroid pro version, you will get a lot more benefits. This would be a perfect alternative to save time regularly.

You can sign up for auto back-ups

In one of this app’s features, you (user) can allow the app to start automatic back-ups. This is a necessary feature for all those who have a lot of data to transfer regularly. Then, you won’t be worrying about timely back-ups or data retrieval issues.

Retrieve your data from the Mac computer to the Android device

Once the Mac computer recognizes your device using this app: MacDroid, you can use it for data retrieval. In other words, you connect to the app. Then, wait for it to load your device. Afterward, you can see the content of the Mac computer inside the app.

You can then select your photos, videos, documents, or any other media that you want to move back to the Android device. Such a device can be a smartphone, note, tablet, or TV.

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Edit the files on your Android files while on the move

Once, Mac computer attaches and pairs with your Android device using MacDroid, you can easily edit them. You can view the photos on your Mac computer and use the tools available in the device.

You don’t even have to make sure to transfer Android media to your Mac computer. It saves you from a lot of usual hassle to move files here and there.


Once edited, you can save changes. These will be made even on your Android device. That’s because you take the media files directly from your Android device and view it on the Mac computer. But the final edits can take place on the original Android device too.

Transfer new movies to your phone

You can use the android transfer app, that is, MacDroid, at your leisure. That being said, it runs even on the offline mode. So, pair your Android mobile device with it. Then, let the app do the work, allowing you to watch your computer’s media offline while you are on the move.

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