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Review on FlexiHub

FlexiHub, FlexiHub Review, Connecting multiple devices, team specific token, USB over Ethernet

While searching for a perfect solution online for connecting multiple devices with USB, we found FlexiHub. Read pointers below to know how this FlexiHub can be a workable solution for your organizations as well.

Connect multiple devices for your team

Now, you can work and share files with your team quickly, even while maintaining social distance. This software helps to connect multiple devices in a premise over a software.

Therefore, it’s relatively possible to work with remote teams when the computer systems are attached to the FlexiHub software and server.

No need to create more than a single account for an entire team

Browse files or share the same with your team faster than before using the FlexiHub USB software. Now, you don’t need to create multiple accounts to manage your entire team. Everything that your team does or shares daily is possible using a single account on FlexHub.

It removes the hassle of creating an unnecessary database from different accounts. This way, your database is also maintained at a single location.

Login with a team-specific token ID

You can enter the FlexiHub USB network using the token ID. This can be similar to a meeting room or shared PC space. This way, you can manage and work with different teams efficiently.

You won’t have to share the same token ID with all the members. Only those belonging to your team can have the ID and remain in the room or space until the project is pending or due.

Set up easy team accounts

As an admin of the FlexiHub USB over network software, you have the right to create different team accounts. This way, you can assign a different token ID to each team leader.

Then, further, they can take the conversation with each of their teams ahead in the different rooms imitated or accessed only by the unique token ID.

Works on every operating system

This software can work on every other latest or modern operating system. It can be Windows, macOS, Linux, or something else. The makers of this USB over network software tried and tested every possible way to run it smoothly over different operating systems.

This improves the efficiency of the software. It makes working with remote teams accessing their devices from different operating systems easier.

Connect to devices over the world

FlexiHub USB over Ethernet software can connect every remote computer to the core software assigned to the admin. Different and unique USB over TCP/IP connectivity is possible with other PCs and desktops having no access to the public IP address.

This way, your team’s different USB devices connect to the other devices using the subnetworks. Therefore, the total complication to create a city-wise/state-wise/ or country-wise network demolishes.

Secure data transfer between USB devices

FlexiHub has its own SSL encryption. Thus, there is no scope for unauthorized devices to share the information. They cannot even hack into your USB device server. Each device must pass through the SSL encryption and have the token ID to access the network.

No need to install USB drivers physically

The network of FlexiHub is entirely online to detect USB devices. You don’t need to physically install the USB drivers.

The software in the targeted PC recognizes the operating system and USB peripheral when it gets connected. This way, your PC would immediately realize which device is asking for the exchange of information and whether it should be given equal permission or not.

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