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Review of Comparium

Comparium, screenshot web testing, web testing, quality checks, web page testing

While searching for a great platform online to start the screenshot web testing for different web page owners, we have come across Comparium as a one-stop-shop that goes beyond just offering an off-the-shelf solution to its clients.

Read this review ahead to know more about the exciting features of this platform. You will know how can you, as a front-end developer or a business owner, make the most of it today:

1. 22 Different Screens To Test From

It’s like finding a rare gem when you get a platform that offers you so many options to try the screenshot testing for your applications and websites.

The same goes for Comparium, taking the quality checks hassle by storm. Many users have already trusted this online cross-browsing tool for regular and frequent screenshot web testing processes, which includes a conundrum of the different screens over different versions and browsers.

Comparium, screenshot web testing, web testing, quality checks, web page testing

2. Collect All Screenshots At One Place

Apart from the ongoing quality checks and screen tests for a holistic approach falling under the flagship of cross-browsing validation tools, having a source that stores each and every screenshot at a single location saves time and efforts from every end.

This is where we find Comparium winning the battle of the best web browser testing applications in the market. You can review the snap above for justification. All the screen snapshots are recorded under a single window pane.

Further, you can easily delete the ones which you do not want and continue cross-browsing processes without unwanted interruptions.

3. Detect Which Browser Is Not Supporting Your Application

Below is an example of a leading website application’s screenshot. Reading that, you can get the idea of how will a screenshot look like when a browser, or its older version, or an operating system is not supporting your website or application.

Comparium, screenshot web testing, web testing, quality checks, web page testing

When this is detected through the live screenshot web testing methods, you can go back to editing or tweaking the coding, if that particular web version is necessary. Or else, you can keep a note and delete the screenshot, which is of no use—as of now.

4. Refresh The Screenshots For Live Cross-Browsing Results

Below, you will find the first screenshot with a blue highlighted icon on the top-right corner. Clicking that button, you can refresh a screen of your choice, as and when you need to check if there is any change after the coding has been edited.

Comparium, screenshot web testing, web testing, quality checks, web page testing

This method proves to be one of the calculative steps in saving tiring efforts to know when every screen is accepting the coded version of your website. Hence, you do not have to go through stringent ways of taking screenshots again and again, like amateurs.

5. Share The URL With Interested Parties

Today, the digital world is all about social networking and setting priorities for your clients and partners. And if you are making a website for your partner, they will want to know the live updates.

Through the URL link, you can cut down the interaction costs with your stakeholders: developers, specialists, designers, vendors, end-clients, investors, etc., and let them know what they want to know about the website’s current design.

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