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Review of AOL’s Mapquest


AOL‘s Mapquest is an iOS online mapping service. It is widely popular and second most popular after Google maps. The application provides its users with many handy features such as step by step navigation and looking up nearby businesses. We are going to review Mapquest to see if the service is as good as Google or Apple maps.


The application provides many useful services which include a traffic overlay that shows the flow of traffic. It also provides information about lane blockages. Hence, the app helps users to avoid parts of town where there is heavy traffic or road blockage.

Mapquest provides a real-time view of roadways through city webcams. This feature helps users to check for any slowdowns that haven’t been reported by the app. Users can also look up different transportation options available. It also provides the time and fare for reaching the destination via the transportation method that the user chooses.

The app uses multiple layers for information about nearby businesses. It allows users to choose from gas stations, food, hotels and more. Users can add more layers such as rental cars, malls, and airports.

Features it Lacks

One of the main features that the app does not provide is that it does not show the alternative routes. It only shows the most direct route, however, alternative routes may take less time.

The nearby business layer feature is not properly populated. Users often face problems because the app doesn’t show the nearest option available. Another feature that Mapquest lacks is that it does not provide a time estimate for future trips based on how the average traffic flow affects drive time.

Compared to Google and Apple Maps

Apple and Google maps are much better than Mapquest. Google maps have all the features provided by Mapquest plus it provides better and more useful information. Apple maps offer the same services provided by mapquest and it has a better design and a more coherent user interface.

Should you download Mapquest?

We won’t recommend it as Google Maps and Apple Maps are more useful.

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