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How To Replace & Customize Folder Icons On iOS 8

foldericons for ios 8

Folders implementation on iOS 8 is rather simplistic. It is excellent for the average user, but if you are looking to customize folder icons and folders in general on iOS 8, you should check out the free FolderIcons.

foldericons for ios 8

iOS has always been painfully slow at bringing basic system-level features required from smartphones. It took them several years to bring mutlti-tasking, notification center, widgets, third-party keyboards, and in the context of this post, folders for apps.

When they first implemented folders – in iOS 4 – it only allowed users to place up to twelve apps in each. It took them three years to remove the utterly stupid limit; iOS 7 allows virtually unlimited number of apps to be placed inside each folder. This is great so I can make one folder for all my iOS games. Previously, it took two or sometimes even three folders to put them all together.

Now, what is next for Folders on iOS 8? A little customization would be nice, don’t you think? With FolderIcons for iOS 8, you can customize folder icons!

Folder Icons on iOS 8 are made up of smaller app icons on a semi-transparent background. Once you have FolderIcons installed, you can customize folder icons after entering ‘jiggly mode’*. Tap on the gear icon on the top left corner of any folder, and you will be presented with options to change the foreground, the background, as well as the ability to toggle folder preview thumbnails, folder labels, and badges. Further options can be seen in the iOS Settings app.

customize folder icons ios 8 foldericons

FolderIcons comes with a pre-defined set of icons that you can use as the foreground. However, you can add your own icons by copy-pasting them into mobile-user > Media > FolderIcon by using a file explorer app like iFile.

Of course, such system-level privileges require the user to jailbreak their iOS device. We recommend using TaiG tool to jailbreak iOS 8 – it supports all iOS devices running any version of iOS 8 (8.0 to 8.1.2 all supported). Once you have jailbroken, you can search for FolderIcons in Cydia, and download / install it for free.

*Yes, tapping and holding on icons gets them jiggling, and so it is called jiggly mode.

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