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Repeat / Shuffle Music On iPhone Lock Screen & Control Center

add repeat shuffle buttons to lock-screen

New jailbreak tweak allows you to control music repetition and shuffling from the iOS lock-screen and Control Center on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

add repeat shuffle buttons to control center lock-screen ios iphone ipod touch cydia page

The modern trio of iOS devices – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – have replaced several dozen popular consumer electronics of the past few decades. It has replaced the alarm clock, pocket camera, to-do list, GPS navigator, pocket dictionary, and in context of this blog-post: the MP3 player.

With good computing power, lots of storage, and excellent portability, you simply do not need to carry a separate device for listening to music. Your smartphone does everything it can, plus a lot more! Plus, with third-party apps, and tweaks you can endlessly customize your music-listening experience.

The iOS music app has remained largely unchanged from its introduction in 2007, with very few complaints from the average (not power-) user. It is a testament to Apple’s dedication to good design.

Saving A Few Steps…

However, the doesn’t get complaints from the average user. Average users do not read CupertinoTimes, after all, so we’re covering a jailbreak tweak for iOS that enhances your experience with enjoying music.

Musical does one thing, and does it well. It adds a “Repeat” and “Shuffle” button to the iOS lockscreen and Control Center so, while listening to Music, if you feel like listening to the same catchy new track again and again, or if you feel like being surprised – you will not have to open the Music app to do it.

add repeat shuffle buttons to lock-screen

I am using Eclipse to apply night-mode across iOS, which is why my Control Center appears so dark.

As someone who regularly switches between Shuffle and linear modes on the go, this is a welcome addition. It saves a step (crucial on aging hardware of the iPhone 4S), and makes better use of empty screen real estate on the lock-screen and Control Center.

Musical is available on Cydia under the BigBoss repo for the unbeatable price of free. Once you install the tweak, you must enable it from Settings > Musical. I’m sure the developer could have easily avoided this step for users, but it is obvious that it was done to gently suggest users to donate via PayPal or BitCoin. It’s a free tweak, so I really cannot complain.

Stay tuned to CupertinoTimes as we will be stepping up our coverage as we approach the launch of the iPhone 6 and iOS 8.

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