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Repaper Graphic Tablet: Comprehensive Guide

Repaper Graphic Tablet

If you are in the graphic designing industry, then you need to read this. Like you may know, the world is moving at the speed of light and so is the graphic designing industry.

In the past, drawing with pencils was the norm and gradually drawing tablets came on board. Just recently, repaper graphic tablets seem to be the new tech material for graphic designers. Unfortunately, not too many designers know much about it.

What’s more, repaper graphic tablets are much more affordable. Read to learn more about Repaper graphic tablets.

What is a Repaper Graphic Tablet?

A repaper graphic tablet is a device that allows you to draw images, animations, etc., using a unique pen or pencil-like stylus on paper. Also, you can connect the repaper graphic tablet to a PC or a Mac device. The main difference between a repaper graphic and a regular graphic tablet is that you can draw on paper on the former.

How to Use a Repaper Graphic Tablet

A repaper graphic tablet is not different from the regular graphic tablet like you now know. However, the methodology you choose to operate your repaper graphic would depend on what you intend to achieve.

For instance, while drawing, most graphic designers may prefer to sketch their art on paper without using the screen of the tablet. However, in most cases, designers prefer to connect the repaper graphic tablet to a Mac or PC when they want to edit with their favorite software.

Features of a Repaper Graphic Tablet

The perception that some designers have is that repaper graphic tablets are the same as regular graphic tablets. Although they may seem the same, the difference between repaper graphic tablets is far-reaching. Below are features of a repaper graphic tablet:

  • You can use it with or without the screen of the tablet
  • A good repaper tablet can import files
  • Customizing your brush is possible
  • It is compatible with most designer’s favorite software like photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.
  • It offers multiple pencils that are both small and medium
  • You can share your drawing with your friends on social medial through a tablet
  • Also, the color palette is quite impressive too

Depending on the repaper graphic you buy, the features could be more. However, some of the features mentioned above are what typical repaper graphic tablets have.

Compatibility of a Repaper Graphic Tablet

With the numerous repaper graphic tablets in the market, you can barely find any that are not compatible with iOS and Android devices. Not to mention, you can also use a Mac and PC alongside your repaper graphic tablet. Since you may need to edit your work on a Mac or PC, just connect the repaper graphic tablet to proceed.

Why Use a Repaper Graphic Tablet?

There are so many reasons a repaper graphic tablet may be opted for by designers these days. Let’s see a few:

  • Accurate Drawing: Compared to using a pencil and an eraser to draw, a repaper graphic tablet provides users with various tools that would ensure accuracy. Aside from that, a repaper tablet allows designers to express themselves however they like.
  • Time-Lapse Video: If you want to show your audience how art or graphic design was created, you do that with a repaper graphic tablet. Good repaper graphic tablets have a time-lapse video that records your time while working on the art. That way, you can post it for your audience to view the amazing work you created.
  • Graphic tablet: You can also turn your repaper graphic tablet into a real graphic tablet by connecting it to your Mac or PC. With that, you can make edits and create even better arts with applications that can be integrated into the repaper tablet.
  • Multicolor setting: You are provided with several custom settings to work with. Simply click on the Options menu and hit Setup Programs. Using the Reverse setting is a perfect choice if you are working with a soft touch. Pick any custom settings you are comfortable with and get a good graphical job done in no time. You can take your time by first playing with different options to get a hang of it.

Repaper graphic tablet is a good way to improve your creative art drawing.

How much does a Repaper Graphic Tablet Go For?

Interestingly, compared to the comfort and ease a repaper graphic tablet offers, it is not as expensive as you would think. Repaper graphic tablets are only made by the french company ISKN which invented the magnetic ring technology.

You can find a repaper graphic tablet for around 200 $ directly on the Repaper graphic tablet website.


Repaper graphic tablet is a new way to create art or animation. It appears to bring back the old feeling of drawing on paper like in the old days but in a modern way.

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