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Remove Locked Screen & Apple ID – FoneCope iOS Unlock

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What is FoneCope iOS Unlock?

It is an ever-evolving iOS unlocking tool. You can use it to remove the iPhone, iPad, iPod lock screen passwords, and unlock Apple ID without a password.

For example, when your naughty child tries to peek at a new message on your iPhone, but repeatedly enters the wrong password and causes the iPhone to be disabled for N minutes. It can save your iPhone from the predicament.

The Main Feature of FoneCope iOS Unlock

Remove iPhone Password

Whether your iPhone is locked, disabled, or damaged, you can use it to solve it.

Unlock Apple ID

Whether you don’t know or forget the Apple ID password, find that my iPhone is activated, and want to create a new Apple ID, FoneCope iOS Unlock will be your right hand.

Supported Version

It supports all versions of iOS devices, including iPhone XS running the latest version (iOS 12).

Skill Requirement

Provides a clear and concise guide to operation without technical knowledge.

Use FoneCope iOS Unlock to Remove Locked Screen

Step 1. Download and launch iOS Unlock, select Unlock Screen Passcode. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you will need to download the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer via the USB cable.

Step 3. iOS Unlock will automatically recognize your iOS device model, you only need to check and correct the wrong part. Follow the prompts to proceed to the next step and download the firmware for the corresponding version.

Note: If you are unable to download the firmware directly on the software, you can copy the link to your browser and download it, then add it to your computer via the “Select” button.

Step 4. After the firmware download is complete, follow the prompts for firmware verification. This is to confirm that the downloaded firmware matches your iOS device.

Step 5. After the verification is complete, click Start Unlock. After that, a prompt box will appear in the interface, enter “000000” to confirm unlocking the iDevice.

Step 6. The unlocking process begins. When the progress bar shows that the unlock is complete, you will be able to access your iPhone without a password.

Use FoneCope to Unlock Apple ID

Step 1. Similarly, download iOS Unlock to your computer. The difference is that you need to choose “Unlock Apple ID”.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer via the USB cable and select “Start Unlock” to start the Apple ID unlock process.

Step 3. The progress of the unlock will continue to be displayed on the interface. You will receive a prompt when you are finished.

Note: If the “Find My iPhone” feature is enabled, iOS Unlock can only unlock Apple IDs for iOS 11.3 and earlier. Instead, you will be able to use it to unlock all iOS devices.

Step 4. Both iCloud and Apple ID on the iOS device are automatically deleted. You can create a new Apple ID account to log in.


These are the two unlock features of FoneCope iOS Unlock. It is a brilliant iOS tool, isn’t it? It has helped many people remove the locked screen and unlock Apple ID. By the way, in addition to the Mac version, it also provides a downloadable version for Windows. If you are interested, the trial version is a suitable way for you.

About the Author: Liz Harris is an editor of FoneCope and a loyal Apple user. She often collects and organizes common iOS issues and writes solutions.

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