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Refurbished iPhones Now On Sale!

refurbished iPhones

Refurbished iPhones

Confused between choosing an expensive brand new phone or a refurbished one? Are you just too broke to buy a new phone but dread the issues that come with a refurbished one? Well, worry no longer because apple is now selling refurbished iPhones as well!

Refurbished Store

Apple’s online refurbished store was just updated and people are very excited. The reason being that Apple will sell refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models. The price range for a 16GB iPhone 6s model begins from $449 and a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus for $529. Refurbished iPhone models will now save you almost $100. That is 15% off the price of a new iPhone. All the iPhones will be unlocked. They will also be Sim free so you will have no issues with phone carriers. Many are venturing that these refurbished models are coming from Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program launched last year.

This is a pretty smart move by Apple as it will be able to attract money-conscious consumers. These consumers were buying refurbished iPhones but from other retailers like Gazelle and BestBuy.

Why Refurbished

So why should you choose to buy these iPhones from Apple instead of from these retailers? Well, Apple offers a one year warranty in case the phone breaks. Compare this with Gazelle which offers a measly 30-day money back guarantee. Even BestBuy, with a one-year  limited warranty, is not a good option because the terms are too vague.


Even though the price is higher than that by other retailers, Apple’s offer is still the best offer out there. Why do I say that? Because with this offer you get a brand new outer shell along with a new battery. Your iPhone will also be covered by AppleCare+ which covers different kinds of damage to your iPhone.

If you do want to buy a refurbished iPhone from Apple.com, you might want to hurry. Supplies of refurbished Apple products is a little unstable so it might run out before you are able to buy one.

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