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Rediscover SeaWorld San Diego as an Interactive Zoo Experience

Killer Whale at Seaworld

Starting on February 6, 2021, SeaWorld San Diego reopened again as a licensed, permitted, and accredited zoo.

At the onset of the global pandemic, SeaWorld San Diego temporarily closed its doors under state Coronavirus guidelines. The park was able to hold a number of modified events for the remainder of the year, such as a Halloween Spooktacular. As things appeared to be inching back toward normalcy, SeaWorld San Diego was once again forced to close its doors in December due to state mandates.

Interim SeaWorld CEO Marc Swanson, along with Founder and Managing Partner at Hill Path Capital and SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Scott Ross, navigated evolving regulations and conditions to continue to create safe, memorable, and enjoyable guest experiences that prioritized the health and safety of park guests. The Management Team came up with one creative solution: a drive-through experience for guests. 

SeaWorld San Diego launched a drive-through family experience in January 2021. This allowed guests to enjoy a holiday light show, popular Sesame Street characters, and a view of some of the park’s attractions in a safe and physically distanced manner.

SeaWorld San Diego reopened under thorough and proactive health and safety protocols. To reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19, all reservations must now be made online and in advance. The park will open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for daytime hours of operation and on select holidays.

What’s new about the experience? To maintain safety, crowds are significantly reduced throughout all exhibits. Trained park staff to perform temperature checks at the gates. Additionally, face coverings are required, and guests experience distanced seating at all educational presentations and events.

One brand-new event that highlights SeaWorld San Diego’s commitment to animal rescue and conservation is called Rescue Tails. Guests have the chance to see and learn about various reptiles, primates, and birds of prey in this experience. Many of SeaWorld San Diego’s animal exhibits are also open for guests to enjoy. These include orcas, dolphins, bat rays, sea turtles, sea lions, and otters, as well as a number of aquatic birds.

SeaWorld San Diego has more than 100 acres of expansive outdoor space open and available for viewing. The reduced crowd sizes and advanced reservations help to promote the safety of guests, while the park remains open.

Date-specific tickets can be purchased directly from SeaWorld San Diego’s website. Offerings include park access, dining, and drinks, and offer significant discounts of $30 to $50 off the adult price for a limited time as the park reopens for the rest of winter and spring.

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