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How To Recover Your Disabled Apple ID

Apple ID

Is your Apple account disabled? Do you want to recover your disabled Apple ID? In this tutorial, we will tell you what you can do about it and how to prevent this from happening again. If you see the message “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons” on your screen, Apple has disabled your ID.  There are a few reasons as to why you can’t access your account but every time Apple locks you out of your account it is to make sure that you stay secure. A few common reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Someone might have tried to access your ID with the incorrect Password.
  2. Someone entered the wrong security questions a number of times
  3. Suspicious activity on your account.

How to recover your Apple ID

There are a few ways which you can use to recover your locked account. You can recover your locked account by using the account recovery system iForgot. Using this method of recovery you may be asked to reset your password.

The other solution is to use the two-step authentication. To use this procedure you will need another trusted device and a recover key. 

If you can’t recover your account, don’t make too many incorrect attempts in a single day. You can try again the next day.

If you still face problems while recovering your account; you can call Apple and ask them to assist you.

How to prevent locked Apple ID in the future

There are a few things you can do to make sure you are not locked out of your Apple ID in the future. We have mentioned some of the prevention methods below:

  1. Don’t tell anyone your Apple ID email because someone may try to access your account with the wrong password.
  2. Don’t access your Apple account from other devices.
  3. Do not access your account if there is a phishing email asking you to access your Apple account. 
  4. Use a strong password for your Apple ID. A strong password helps to keep people away from breaking into your account.
  5. Use two-step verification. Using two-step verification is more convenient than having to remember the security question. 

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