The products and services on these pages are those that we have either used ourselves or have been recommended to us by others.  Rather than keep them to ourselves we are making this information available to you. Our reviews and commentary will give you our perspective but by all means, we encourage to check them out for yourselves. These are our recommendations.

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Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro: I came across Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro when I was looking for a ripping and conversion tool for some old DVDs I have. There is a lot of depth to this program with export options that support just about any device format. Check out our review of Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro.






Siteground: We found that Siteground has fast and knowledgeable support staff and reliable service. Read our review of SiteGround.



SwissMadeMarketingSwissMadeMarketing: utilizes the tools developed by SwissMadeMarketing.

  • SECockpit: Keyword research and analysis.
  • RankTracker: Track your ranking for specific keywords.
  • Traffic Analysis: Receive data for the keywords your site is ranking for that google now shows as not provided.
  • BacklinkSpy: Everything you need to research your backlinks as well as your competition.
  • InCMS/LocalBizProfit: Build multiple, beautiful websites quickly for local businesses, hosted in the AmazonCloud.  Very efficient and inexpensive.

InfoLinks We display ads from Infolinks, which has proven to be a good decision. If you own or manage a website, InfoLinks is a good partner to have and we recommend them.



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