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Reasons to Use Electronic Signature and How SignNow Can Help

Reasons to Use Electronic Signature and How SignNow Can Help with It

Various modern tools can be used to boost productivity, improve workflow, and save lots of time. An electronic signature is surely one of them. There are different e-signature providers that you can consider, but SignNow stands out from the crowd. This article will be your 2020 guide to electronic signatures and SignNow; so, make sure to read it.

Initial Information on Electronic Signatures

When concluding a contract or agreement, parties add their signatures on a document. A traditional way to do it is to simply print the document on papers and use a pen. In this case, the document has to be delivered to the parties so that they could sign it.

Today, you can use a much quicker and effective way to sign documents and get them signed by other people with the help of an electronic signature. To do it, you will use documents in electronic formats (such as Word or PDF documents). Your signature will be added using special software programs. An electronically signed document can be sent online to a recipient, which takes just a few seconds. Such signatures are legally recognized on the condition that they are created in accordance with the high industry security standards.

How Electronic Signature Can Help You

The benefits of using an electronic signature tool for an individual who needs to sign a few documents per year are not impressive, but they are significant for businesses. So, by starting to use such a tool, you will enjoy the following:

  • Saving lots of time. Neither you nor other parties will have to travel anywhere to add their signature. A document is created, sent, and signed electronically.
  • Reducing costs. You will not have to cover travel costs or any expenses for papers, pens, printers, etc.
  • Convenience. The use of e-signature is very convenient since you do not need to spend virtually any efforts – just open an electronic document and add your e-signature.
  • Availability. You can be at a different corner of the world, but adding your signature will not be a problem. Moreover, you can even do it on the go.

If you still have questions on how e-signature can be used, you should find more helpful articles on the Internet.

Why SignNow Is a Good Choice

SignNow is one of the best options to consider if you are looking for a reliable and affordable e-signature tool. It is a single solution for virtually everyone, from individuals to major corporations. The main reasons to use this service include the following:

Free Trial

You can use this tool in a free trial version, which is the best way to check its quality. The registration procedure is quick and simple. In essence, it will only take you several moments.

You can do it in the following way:

  • Click on the orange Free Trial button;
  • Fill out the required details or use your account on Facebook and Google;
  • Click on the Start your free trial button.

Then, you will be able to log in to your account and start using your services.


Convenient Use

You can edit, manage, and send documents from your account. From there, you will get access to various features provided by SignNow. The design is intuitive, and you will be able to quickly find everything you need.

Full Tutorials

The company has prepared full instructions with samples and explanations. You can find them right in your account. They are divided into several sections, and you can familiarize yourself with how everything works step by step.

Great Customers Support

Click on the Support button found in the main menu, and you will be taken to various contact methods that you can use.


Among them are the following options:

  • Live chat;
  • Ticket system;
  • Online contact form;
  • Postal address and others.

Also, there is a helpful FAQ section that you can refer to in case of questions.

Reasonable Prices

SignNow offers beneficial conditions for all customers. Whenever you are an individual, a small business, a medium-sized company, or a large corporation, you will be able to use this amazing e-signature tool at good conditions.

Full Set of Features

By dealing with SignNow, you will ensure the fulfillment of all your e-signature needs. There is a wide range of features that you can access. However, the set of available features depends on the pricing plan.

All in all, the company offers that following:


If you are away from home or office, you can sign electronic documents instantly without any problems. One of the main advantages offered by SignNow is that the tool perfectly works on different mobile devices. There are even specially designed applications for devices powered by Android and iOS, and you can use them even if you are offline. It is particularly convenient when you travel by plane and have no access to the Internet.


You can use an online platform or mobile application as well as integrate the feature into various programs. The list of programs that you can use along with the SignNow tool is very long. Some of them are shown in the picture below:


An electronic signature is a must-have tool for a business of any size and even some individuals. It is important to carefully compare the services available on the market today. SignNow, in particular, is a good, reliable, convenient, affordable, and secure option that you can use even on the go. Opt for a free trial version to check it yourself.

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