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Reasons to Choose a Presentation Folder

Presentation Folder

Presentation Folder

Imagine you are in a business meeting presenting something to a company or you are an entrepreneur trying to reach clients and get your name and your business out there. What if there was a simple way to achieve that goal no matter what your situation is? What about achieving that goal in a professional but creative manner? The answer might be just as simple as a presentation folder. There are so many options out there if that is the route you choose. Those options can not only improve your chances of achieving your goal they can also leave a lasting impression on your audience. Let us dive into three of the reasons why someone should choose to use a presentation folder.

First impressions

Let us face it, first impressions are everything. It can make or break any situation. Imagine you have one chance to impress a potential client. One chance that is it. Make or break time. What are you going to do? Print off a pamphlet off your computer? Give them a small business card that is so easily lost, that is so small that it doesn’t have that much room for anything else besides your logo and your contact information. So what does someone bring with them? A presentation folder. A presentation folder will stand out from all the others that only have a piece of paper straight off the printer, that let us face it probably is creased and torn, or a business card that just gets lost. You will automatically look like you are prepared for this moment. Not only are you prepared but you took the time to prepare and to make sure that you stand out from all the others. Such a simple thing as a presentation folder can potentially put you ahead of all your competition.

Meetings and presentations

Let us imagine that you are in a business meeting or even a meeting where you are pitching your idea to a room full of very important people. Let us also add in the fact that there are other people out there waiting to present their pitch. What happens if you are the first of many? What happens if they miss some key facts that you are trying to make. A presentation folder can ease those worries. After the meeting, you simply leave the folders or hand them out. Remember they are personalized to you since you created them. Now let us take a look into the entrepreneur’s point. You are meeting with a potential client. You give them a lot of information to think about. They leave to go home and think about what has been presented to them only to forget a lot of information as well. Just like the business meeting scenario. A presentation folder leaves the lasting impression that you want. When that potential client sees that folder they will not only remember the meeting but be able to remember the important details.


A great way that a lot of companies get their name out there is through trade shows. Even entrepreneurs use trade shows all the time. And not just trade shows but have you ever been to the mall or a shopping center, even on certain school days, companies come and set up a table with all kinds of handouts. Now there are usually many companies at once at a single trade show. The people that are attending the trade show usually hop around from table to table and taking the handouts and putting them in some sort of bag. While taking these handouts from the tables most of them are not even looking at what they are picking up before placing them in their bag. Now when they get home they open up that bag and start to look at them. Remember the situation with the piece of paper, that is safe to assume that it is damaged from being shoved into the bag. What about the business card? If it made it out of the bag and did not get lost then maybe it will get a second look. Now They come to the presentation folder that they were given from your table. It’s not damaged like the piece of paper and it definitely didn’t get lost. It is clean, crisp, creative, and above all else, it stands out. Whether they look at it right away or not, Your presentation folder will stay put in an open area and not get knocked down o=r used for scrap paper. It will then be looked through at a later time and that is what the purpose of a presentation folder is.

We touched on three reasons to use a presentation folder but the one key thing that ties in everything that has been discussed is the folder. A folder can hold paper that has a ton of information on them. A business card can not do that. Now, let us stop creating a negative outlook on a business card, let say you have a business card. Well, that can be placed nicely into the presentation folder so not only do you have a presentation folder that stands out but you also have a business card that didn’t get lost or thrown away into a pile somewhere. A presentation folder will help you make a first impression that will last, it will help you at a business meeting, and it makes a great handout at a trade show. The option to have a presentation folder is probably one of the smartest decisions you can make and it will never fail you.

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