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Reasons for Using a Video Background in Your Design

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This post is explaining why you might want to consider using a video background in your next site design project. There are a few different reasons for including a video background, including to have a cool design or to show off your newly launched product.

It will show you some currently awesome examples of websites that do background videos very well so that you have an idea of what it is you should strive for when including video backgrounds on your own websites.

Reasons for Using a Video Background

To Tell a Story

There are two reasons why you would want a video background for your site – the first one being to tell a story, the second to have a cool design. Let’s go over the various ways in which you could be telling a story through your website’s background.

Show and Sell Your Product

Whether you are launching a new product or trying to sell more of your current one, having a video background of your product in use is a very good idea. The reason for this is because it shows your visitors exactly how others would use it; it shows them the situation in which they too could be using it. Having a video is very enticing in itself – you will stop your visitors in their tracks and they will watch what you have to show them for at least a second or two. Videos are much more explanatory in nature where static images fall short.

The best example of this is still, in my opinion, Square Cash. This is purely because they nailed it! The video is cool, it is hip, and it is just done so well. It shows you exactly in which situations you too could use Square Cash. What a way to sell you their product!

Show and Sell the Experience

This is a very similar way to show off a product but this works a little bit better for services as showing an experience that your visitor would get by purchasing either your product or service can be powerful too. This is very much used in TV commercials where you see happy couples in retreats having a ball. This is very difficult to showcase on a static site; this is also where having a video background will come in extremely handy.

“If you look at Spotify’s landing page you can see the various scenarios in which people are enjoying music; most of this is on the go, while they are relaxing or to are having a ball somewhere exotic” Dana Smith, a web designer at, declares. Their background paints a very specific picture that music helps them enjoy these moments that much more – music brought to them thanks to Spotify. Once again, what a way to sell, and draw you in!

Demonstrate a Lifestyle

This type of background video is linked very closely with showing an experience but it does differ a bit. When you are showing a lifestyle rather than the experience you are implying that by purchasing whatever it may be you are offering, you are changing a person’s life. This does not mean that your son’s birthday party will be better – it means that from the moment you buy the product or service everything will be much better. This type of video would work very well for fashion or beauty-related products, maybe even a technology one.

To Have a Cool Design

If you remember that the second reason was to have a cool website design. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be awesome at all; If a design can be a little out there in terms of aesthetics, it should be! So, if you think a video background is a pizzazz your design is missing, all power to you. If you can come up with a video that fits the goal and feel of your site, go for it.

Web designers advise you against going for a background video ‘just because’ as if you were to blindly throw it into the design – think again; adding a design element, adding such a strong and bold design element, will break your overall design. The last thing you need is to make your design worse, right? So tread lightly, only go with a video design for the awesomeness it brings to the design if you can, not because you feel you should.



Reserved does a good job of elaborating on a fancy, carefree lifestyle one would have if you purchased their clothing. The women in their video background are sophisticated and experiencing freedom while frolicking in a field; talk about wonderful.


Amsale, on the other hand, shows the luxurious experience of the bridal gowns a soon-to-be bride could easily imagine herself in. The video is alluring, it is elegant and extremely high-end – everything a bride-to-be could want.

Yacht Company

What better way to sell a yacht than to show you how happy you would be while sailing in one? This is exactly what the Yacht Company did. On their home page, you are greeted with a GIANT, full-screen video of a family enjoying a sunny and fun-filled day on their yacht. Come on, this was strategically created to show off the amazing experiences a new yacht could give you.


This post gave you a little more insight into why you would use a video background on a website besides just following the trend blindly – there is so much more than that going on. Besides, it gave you insight as to why companies use them. For sure, video backgrounds are awesome, but they have legitimate user experience reasons behind them as well.

Author Bio: Nicholas H. Parker is one of the web designers at Buy Essay Club. He worked as an SEO specialist for more than 5 years. It helped him estimate and analyze the business sphere better. Besides, he tries to keep up with advancing technologies.

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