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Real-time Analytics Come To Boxing with PIQ Sport Intelligence


PIQ Sport Intelligence

PIQ Sport Intelligence announced their partnership with Canal+ that will revolutionize the broadcasting of boxing events.  The startup, PIQ Sport Intelligence is a leader in IoT for sports. Canal+ is a major European broadcaster. The plan is to create the ultimate experience for boxing fans.  TV viewers will be able to see live stats as they occur during fights with the help of sensors worn by the athletes.

The technical teams of PIQ, Canal+ and Euromedia-NetcoSports have collaborated to reinvent the boxing event experience for the viewer.  The idea is to make the bouts into a more engaging experience for the viewers. With live stats, viewers will for the first time see key fighting stats as they happen. Stats like the number of and the velocity of punches, the power behind the punch measured as G-Force, also reaction time. This provides the audience with a better understanding of the boxer’s performance and their individual technique.

Sports Performance Monitoring

This is made possible with PIQ’s patented technology and their expertise in sports performance monitoring. PIQ developed the PIQ Robot which is a powerful nano-computer. It’s capable of analyzing more than 195,000 data points per minute in real time. By using AI the movements are recorded on the PIQ Robot. The athlete’s movements are measured by milliseconds using an array of sensors and a motion capture algorithm. The technology is protected by 10 international patents. Using this technology this new partnership plans to revolutionize broadcasted sporting events.

François-Charles Bideaux, Head of sports production at Canal+ comments: “Thanks to our collective expertise, and most notably, the access to PIQ’s technology, CANAL+ subscribers will get access to a unique intimate understanding of boxing for the first time, right there on the ring to understand the true dynamics of a fight. This immersive set-up engages viewers well beyond traditional TV broadcasting.”

The Press Release went on to say:

The sensors are worn by the boxers during the event and data is displayed at key moments of the fights. Viewers are able to see in real-time the speed of punches, the power, and type of punches — as well as many other data points.”

The first fight using this technology was broadcast on June 2nd. The next fights were on July 1st between Diallo v. Donfack & Goulamirian v. Williams.

Cédric Mangaud, CEO of PIQ Sport Intelligence states; “We are proud to launch this revolution with CANAL+, a network that has continuously innovated in sports broadcasting for the last 30 years. Our ambition is to change how viewers consume sports events by bringing new data, while allowing them to have access to these innovations themselves in their everyday sports sessions, thus creating a community of involved sports players”

Undoubtedly this technology will make sporting events more engaging and exciting for the viewer. These sensors are not reserved for professional athletes only.  Consumers can purchase the very same gear and measure their performance as well. So if you’re ready to compare your performance with that of pro athletes, you can.

PIQ makes sensors designed for Golf, Tennis, Kiteboard, and Skiing.  Learn more about PIQ and their products at:

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