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Real Estate Software Development – Why Do You Need It?

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Many customers of real estate websites are wasting time and racking their brains over the choice of software.

Main features

If the customer of a real estate website wants to make a profit, then it is important for him to choose not software, but a real estate software development company.

Not only the success of the site but, as a rule, the business itself largely depends on the correct choice of a web studio.

In 99.9% of cases, the development of unique software for creating a real estate website is not economically feasible.

It is economically feasible to develop unique software for developing a real estate website only when the total annual budget of the website is millions of dollars.

There are thousands of free programs out there that have powerful website building and administration capabilities. There are also numerous paid programs for website development. The number of programs is growing rapidly every year.

An experienced web designer will develop a custom real estate software for the website using a systems approach, i.e. trying to use ready-made and proven software solutions, rather than trying to self-actualize.

Potential real estate buyers are not interested in the software with which a real estate website was created, moreover, they are not interested in its source code. They are interested in the property itself.

Many customers have a vague idea of ​​what the source code of the site is. Almost none of the customers understands it. The source code of a real estate website is studied only by programmers working for competitors’ firms, or by some casual visitors.

General recommendations for choosing software for creating a real estate website.

They are:

  1. First you need to select the content of the site and formulate the tasks that must be solved by the site, and only after that engage in the choice of software;
  2. If the site owner is not a professional programmer and not a web designer, then it is better to entrust the choice of software to the direct developer of the site;
  3. You should choose software that is compatible with as many servers as possible;
  4. It should be possible to quickly transfer the site to a new server;
  5. Official software support is desirable;
  6. You shouldn’t choose a little-known software;
  7. It is desirable that there were people who have already used the software, and with whom it would be possible, if necessary, to consult and consult;
  8. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of introducing various program modules into the program code of the site: a search module, attendance counters, informers, etc.;
  9. The more responsible the site is, the more attention should be paid to security and burglary resistance of the site’s program code;
  10. The software must necessarily provide the ability to create backups of the entire site at any time;
  11. It is important that the software is not tied to only one computer, and the developer has the opportunity to install it on several computers;
  12. If the software was previously unfamiliar to the developer, and the budget and time allow it, then it is advisable to create a test site on the selected software before starting the main work on it;
  13. It is advisable to use software that allows you to create a site on your computer, and not on a server;
  14. If free software with open source code is used, then any experiments on its completion should be minimized;
  15. It is not necessary to use the same software that competitors are using;
  16. If a real estate site is expected to occupy the first positions in the results of search queries, then the software with which it is supposed to create the site must necessarily allow unhindered indexing of web pages;
  17. It is desirable that the program code of the site can be viewed on outdated versions of popular browsers.

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