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Reaching Out To Job Candidates: How To Find Their Valid Emails?

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All recruiters know that finding great candidates for their openings is challenging enough. Sadly, the trip does not end with finding that person that matches your position — the next step is getting their attention. Even though LinkedIn is still a leading network that can connect professionals from all over the globe, the response rate via LinkedIn messaging is not as high as one would hope.

Direct email, on the other hand, is a way more effective means of attracting someone’s attention, especially if you compose it right. So, if you cannot or do not want to contact prospective employees over LinkedIn messaging, read on the main tips and tricks on finding your candidates’ valid email addresses.

Take a closer look at the portfolio and resume

Even on LinkedIn, plenty of professionals feature their resumes. And, as resumes go, these files usually include valid contact details. Even if the file has not been updated for a while, there is still a chance that an email in this resume is valid. You just need to take a closer look at your candidate’s profile page, and you may find what you are looking for.’

Also, note that people working with visuals may have a portfolio featured on LinkedIn. Just like resumes, any files in this section may include relevant, up-to-date contact details. So, it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Besides, do not forget that if the person is already on your LinkedIn contact list, you can get their registered email address for free. You can even do it in bulk. Just go to your connections and click the gear icon at the top right. Then, choose the ‘export connections’ option and get all your connections’ email in a neat CSV file.

Check out personal websites if available

Maintaining a website these days is not hard, and plenty of professionals have them. These sites usually work as portfolios, and most of them will have relevant contact details. Even if valid emails and phone numbers are hidden, there still could be a contact form. No doubt, no one loves an automated contact form, but sometimes, it can be an effective means of making your offer.

Use email hunters

Searching for each person’s email separately can be useful when you need to reach out to just one particular person. Yet, human resource specialists often reach out to dozens of candidates a day, and manually searching for each contact would not be efficient in such a case. That is where professional email finders come in because they offer all you need to connect with any professional, from valid emails and phone numbers to social media links.

Of course, the actual functionality and pricing will depend on the tool you choose. Some services will offer a couple of trial searches, but you will have to pay to make use of their full functionality. Besides, some tools are more advanced than others. For example, SellHack and Voila Norbert can provide email addresses and nothing else. In contrast to that, SignalHire has up-to-date information on phone numbers and can even show you the candidate’s links to personal social media sites.

Another advantage of more complex tools is that they can be integrated into most browsers. So, when you come across a compelling LinkedIn profile, you will not need to open a new tab and search for this candidate in some external database. You can simply click on SignalHire extension and export your search into a clean list of verified LinkedIN emails, which is both handy and efficient.

Consider a personal introduction

The value of social networking cannot be overrated, which is why professionals from all spheres of life spend time on LinkedIn. Even when you need to contact someone outside your connections list, you may have common people within your network. So, you can always ask for a personal introduction, and if your connections list is large, you will likely succeed. Of course, such a personalized approach is only viable when reaching out to influencers and top management. When sending out generic messages, importing a bulk list of contacts from an email finder is a wiser alternative.

Don’t forget to google it

Sometimes, a simple google search can reveal all the information you need. Of course, it is not the most time-and-effort-efficient way for common names. Still, if you know the person’s full name and current company, you could give google search a try. Also, you can make a few educated guesses, using the generic [first name].[last name]@[company mail client] standard. Besides, such educated guesses can be double-checked for validity with a free email verifying services.

Any of these suggestions can be effective when looking for someone’s email. If you do not contact new candidates every day, any free tools will do just fine. However, if recruiting is your full-time job, it is always wiser to invest in professional software that saves time and ensures accurate results.

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