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Ranking vs Traffic – What Do You Need Most?

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The reality is this; you need visitors to your website to build your list of prospects to approach with your offers. However, you will generate free traffic to your site from reaching the # 1 position with Google and search engines. This is even more relevant for product launches and if you target relatively popular keywords.

Important Aspects to Consider


If you are promoting a product soon to be launched, focusing on rankings is an easy way to generate free traffic. This is due to the fact that you can choose the product name as your keyword phrase and focus on it when there is almost no competition for that phrase, and if you know what to do you can get your website ranking # 1 with Google in a matter of days. This will allow you to get easy sales from the free targeted traffic that will be generated by the buzz when super-affiliates promote the product to their huge lists. The best way to achieve high rankings for a product launch is by promoting a review page or a bonus page (that complements the product to be launched).

When using ranking as a way to target free visitors to your main website, make sure your site is SEO optimized by having keyword phrases that are popular; that is to say that a great number of people search for them. Don’t bother getting to the top search result for a keyword string that has very low search volume – it will get your site ranking high, but it won’t lead to free traffic. Let’s say, if only 50 people search for that keyword a month, you will be hard-pressed to get many new visitors at all!

Free Traffic

You can drive free traffic to your website by using a combination of strategies including, Article and Video Marketing, Bookmarking, RSS feeds, Pinging and Social Media. It is advantageous to use video marketing as part of your overall marketing plan because, with organic searches, videos are now included in Google search results. This is relevant because as video directories are crawled more frequently, your videos are indexed a lot faster than any other content and you can have it directing visitors to your site right away.

The Best of Both Worlds

In order to achieve maximum results, I personally utilize -and recommend- using all these free strategies. Interlinking everything to boost each other’s ranking and credibility in the eyes of the search engines and ultimately drive traffic to your main site.

General Things to Do

To clarify, your articles should include a link to a related page on your website where there is relevant content (i.e. a related article), rather than only to the home page. If you do this, you can boost the ranking for that particular page – which is a strategy used in promoting a review page within your blog for example. In addition to this, I also recommend that you do a video that points to your article; that in turn points to your page so that you can take advantage from the video being indexed sooner. And if you want to boost the ranking of your video, make sure that a related article directs readers to your video, which in turn links to your page or a related article that refers people to your website – see how it all comes together? That is how you can link everything to promote a specific page (and its keyword).

After your articles and videos are underway, make sure that you bookmark and ping the new content as it will alert search engines that updated content has been added to your site. This will ensure their crawlers come to check it faster. Also, using RSS Aggregators that will distribute your new content to the various related directories is an excellent strategy as it feeds your information to other websites and encourages many interested readers to visit your site. It is virtually impossible to achieve this without the relevant software to help automate certain processes.

One piece of advice though, it is important to write quality articles to ’spin’ when you are trying to get additional visitors to your website. If you fail to offer unique and valuable content, it is unlikely that anyone would be interested enough to go by your website.

About the author: Hannah Butler works as a web developer and designer. Besides, she likes sharing her experience in the form of articles. In this case, she has her own section on the website of professional essay writing service. In the future, she is going to start writing a blog in order to describe her working methods to others.

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