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Quickstagram: An iOS Today View Widget For Instagram


Do you love sharing the moments in your life with the world and keeping up to date with what your friends are up to? If you’re guilty of being an avid Instagrammer, than we have just the widget for you today! Quickstagram is a new iOS Today View Widget for Instagram.

The whole widget-experience in iOS is somewhat different from Android. Along with notifications and custom keyboards, widgets were the strongest incentive introduced for users in iOS 8.

By definition, a widget is any graphical UI element that lets you view data from, or interact with an app without having to open it. While Android primarily focuses on widgetized homescreens and launchers, the iOS 8 platform takes a different approach.

The iOS 8 interface has integrated widgetized views in its pull-down notifications panel, and developers are taking its advantage. We recently looked at NCBrowser 8, a jailbreak widget that creates a new tab inside the notifications panel, and adds a full-fledged web browser as a widget. To me, this is a superior approach and helps with better multitasking. But the benefits of its ease versus the amount of real-estate on the notifications panel needed is debatable.


Quickstagram is just such a widget. It adds a stream of updates from Instagram to the ‘Today’ view in the notifications panel.


This handy widget eliminates the need for switching apps to check your Instagram updates. Yes, that’s right – it pulls the latest images from your feed so you won’t miss a thing on Instagram! Moreover, since the notifications panel is available from the lock screen, you don’t need to unlock your phone in order to view these updates!



There are options to display large vs small icon sizes, so as to to utilize the available real-estate to its fullest. The links in the widget will open the respective posts in the official Instagram app.

Quickstagram is available for both the iPhone and the iPad, and is available to download for free from the iTunes store.

Download Quickstagram for iOS [iTunes link]

What do you think about this widget? Is it a good idea to have the images displayed on the lock screen? Leave us your opinions in the comments section below!

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