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Quick Red: Reddit Notification Center Widget For iPhone & iPad

Quick Red is a handy Notification Center widget and it’s the easiest way for you to stay up to date with Reddit on your iPhone.

quick red reddit widget ios 8

Quick Red is a nice functional widget for Reddit that appears on in the Today section of the iPhone and iPad’s notification center.

In case any of you don’t know what Reddit is, it’s one of the most popular websites on the internet right now; a community site with an extremely loyal fan base. It’s highly out of the ordinary and serves as the home ground for the most common and mundane to the most weirdest, quirkiest and out of ordinary discussions on the planet. Also, due to its highly loyal fan base, its a breeding ground for highly original content. Anything you’re interested in is already been discussed on Reddit, and if it isn’t you can go ahead and find thousands of people who’d be interested in it.

Reddit’s technology support has been surprisingly simple compared to the amount of the popularity it has (the website isn’t too flashy either but its principle is to focus on content more than aesthetics). However if you want to keep up to date with Reddit on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and browse some quick posts, you can use this free Reddit widget ‘Quick Red’ to do so.

quick red settings

You can download Quick Red from the App Store, however it requires you to have iOS 8.1 or higher on your device. It’s free with the option of upgrading to a premium version.

Once you’ve installed it, you need to configure it before you can use it properly. Open the app to access the settings for the apps front page and widget. There are more than a couple of handy options like signing in to your account, choosing your favorite sub-reddits, setting the amount of posts displayed and their category.

You also have to choose how often you you want the widget to appear in your notification bar during the day. You can set it up to 5 times a day, however you want to see it anymore than that your going to have to upgrade to the premium version for just $0.99.

adding quick red widget

Lastly you’re gonna have to add the widget to the Today section of our Notification Center. Any images you click on open by default on the Quick Red app, however you can check any browser of your choice to open posts. Try out the free version and then see if you like it enough to buy the premium.

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