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If CES was any indication it is easy to understand why many believe that 2017 will be the year of the Smart Home. Smart Home tech was all over the place at this year’s CES.  Numerous companies were showcasing the products that will make our homes, smarter, safer, more energy efficient and bring our homes into the future.  As a major RF and stacked chipset developer, Qorvo technology is integrated into many of the products that make up the IoT (Internet of Things).


Qorvo’s mix of development strengths are low power consumption for WiFi devices, interference resolution, higher throughput, and improving range and coverage. Companies come to Qorvo to bring these capabilities to their consumer products.

“Smart Home devices require an ultra-low power network, using IEEE 802.15.4 wireless technology. Qorvo’s chipsets can easily connect devices to a central home gateway with a safe and reliable, maintenance-free network.”

Three Prong Approach

Monitoring and controlling your home from a smartphone or tablet is no longer in the future, it is here and now.  Qorvo has built the ecosystem with hardware and software companies that work together to deliver three complete solutions that make the smart home possible.

  1. Smart Home Butler
  2. Senior Lifestyle
  3. Family@Home

Smart Home Butler

The Smart Home Butler recognizes what is going on in the home and provides the appropriate action. It takes action based on a self-learning behavior algorithm. Utilizing a network of sensors that measures and monitors the environment. It learns who’s at home, where they are in the home and what the normal activity is at that particular time of day. From this, it can make decisions to open or close windows, turn heating or cooling on or off, activate the security system. If it detects a leak it can turn off the water and send for a repair person.

Senior Lifestyle

The Senior Lifestyle component recognizes senior behavioral patterns. It alerts family or friends when irregular behavior is detected. It also analyzes long-term trends in behavior and will provide an alert when there is slower movement, or sleep patterns change or when the senior eats less frequently.


Family@Home service recognizes family behavioral patterns.  Are the children home from school? Is a door open when you left the house? Is the AC on with a window open? Are there any leaks in the home? Sensors that monitor climate control, home monitoring, lighting and appliance control, sensing and geo-location from key fobs, door and window sensors all work together in one unified system.

Remote controls and set top boxes

Qorvo offers ZigBee RF4CE chips that provide interoperability and use two-way communication protocol which allows them to work with a wide range of TVs and set-top boxes.

Qorvo not only develops the tech behind smart home products from other companies, now GreenPeak is a Qorvo brand and provides an array of sensors and controls directly to consumers.

2017 will be the year of the smart home and the Internet of Things, and that’s a beautiful thing. Check out our visit with Qorvo at CES.

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