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QardioArm, Apple Watch, iPhone—A Healthy Combination


So I went to the doctor a few months back and they tell me that my high blood pressure is getting high, again, (hmmm…could it be due to Ad Blocking?) The doctor suggested I monitor it more frequently and save the results for him.  So the Geek in me began looking for a bp monitor that integrates with my iPhone or better yet Apple Watch.  I found it in a product named QardioArm.  We did an article on this device back in July, but now I own one so I’m better prepared to provide my first-hand experience with the device. 


QardioArmQardioArmLet me say up front that I’m thoroughly impressed with this device. The QardioArm is activated from either the Apple Watch or their app on the iPhone.  It keeps a log of each reading which can be emailed to your Doctor.  So no more jotting down the systolic and diastolic and heart rate readings and the dates on paper or in Notes on my iPhone. Just take your blood pressure and it’s recorded for you and stored in your history.

The QardioArm itself is attractive, well made and it’s smart.  As soon as you pull the arm band away from the unit to put it on, the unit powers up and connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone. 

The software is well designed and it’s feature rich.  Here’s some of what it provides.

The profile page will ask for your gender, height, weight and birthday as well as your Doctor’s name and email address.

You can integrate with Apple’s Health app which allows QardioArm to write its data to the Health App.  Apple’s Health app is deserving of its own article so we’ll be exploring that subject in the coming weeks.

The app has user definable reminders so you remember to take your bp reading or your medication(s).

There is a Quick Guide in the iPhone App so if you forget how to pair the QardioArm with your iPhone or how to change batteries in the unit, the guide is easily accessible.

There is also a “visitor mode” so if someone other than yourself uses the unit, their readings will not be saved.

There is an option to setup Friends and Family.  This will send your readings to anyone you have entered into the “Follower” list. You can also enter an email address for anyone that you are “Following” so whenever they take a reading, you’ll be informed. A great feature for anyone caring for an elderly parent or other loved one with hypertension.

If desired, the QardioArm app will display a soothing slide show of your choosing.

The Qardio company makes another product named the Qardi0Base which is much more than a scale and it’s settings configurations are also accessible in the App. (This would make a great gift for someone you care about…hint, hint, wifey)

The QardioArm is a well-designed product and a lot of thought went into the app.  It has performed flawlessly since I obtained it and I could not have asked for more in a BP monitor.

Check out the QardioArm and the Qardi0Base at the developer’s website.

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