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Protecting Your Business: Tips to Keep in Mind

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When you think about the challenges of setting up a business from scratch, you’d understand the need to protect it all costs once it starts picking up. Many people quickly realize that starting a business and keeping it afloat are two different things. The latter is not easy to pull off, and many enterprises always fold up within a year. So how exactly do you protect your business? The following are some helpful tips that you can use to ensure that your business has a lifeline even when faced with adversity.

Be the Best

By the time you start a business, it is assumed that you did the proper research and identified a gap that needed to be filled. Once you have the business running, take your time to perfect your trade as fast as you can so that you can establish yourself as the best before someone else catches on and start something similar like yours. It doesn’t matter which line of business you are in or how many competitors exist, just go all out and create a name for yourself by being the best.

Limit Your Borrowing

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A business cannot do without loans. The first 12 months of any startup are always the hardest, and in most cases, you will have to dip into your own pockets to foot all expenses before the business picks up. This may force you to find other sources of funds, and most times, this comes in the form of loans. Don’t borrow too much; only get an amount you can comfortably pay off if your projections don’t materialize. The last thing you would want is to lose your business as you try to save it. Control what you borrow.

Keep Growing

Never get comfortable no matter how good you may be doing. All it takes is one slight misstep, and everything can come crumbling down. Getting comfortable in business is the equivalent of putting all your eggs in one basket; you need to diversify so that you can create multiple streams of income in case one gets into trouble. If you are a filter mat manufacturer, for example, make sure that you grow into a pond filter supplier within a year to cut off the middleman and increase your profits. This should be followed by being a pond maker. The main aim here is to take over the whole thing so that you don’t rely on other outside parties to get things done.

Avoid Trouble

Tax Preparation

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Every business has several responsibilities like tax obligations and conformity to the many rules that govern businesses. These regulations vary from one place to another, and although at times they may seem to be too punitive, it is your duty as the business owner to make sure you meet all of them on time to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Things like remitting your taxes on time may look like an unfair and expensive thing to do, but wait until you, the taxman, comes knocking on your door with arrest warrants. Many businesses have been destroyed due to miscalculations like this. You may have to hire a lawyer who will handle all your concerns on your behalf. It’s also a great idea to have a clear overview of all the contracts you sign with clients and other entities. You can use software like Knuula to make this process easier.

Protect your Intellectual Property

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You have to be savvy enough to protect all the bright ideas you come up with to stop them from getting into the hands of your competitors. There’s not much that the law can do for you if someone steals your unprotected ideas. But you can always ensure every killer innovation that you come up with is protected in the eyes of the law if you file for copyright. This will cover all the creations you make, from visual elements to intangible things like ideas that have not yet been implemented. It always pays to think ahead because no matter how secretive you may be, someone will always come up with something similar to what you may have in mind.

Insure your Business

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This should be the first thing you do even before hiring or getting your first inventory. Business insurance is vital, and in some places, it is even required by law. There’s never knowing what may happen in the future and insurance is the only way you can minimize your losses and give your business a chance to bounce back as fast as it can. If you are in the type of business that deals with hazards, then you would do well to get the best insurance that will insulate you from accidents and other unavoidable disasters that may come your way.

Reward Your Employees

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Many businesses have failed because employers forgot to pay attention to their employees. You may never notice the changes, but a working environment that lacks rewards will always lead to people developing apathy towards work, and by the time you figure out what is happening, it is usually too late. Always reward your best performers to keep them grounded and motivated.


A business is something personal, an extension of you when you consider all the blood and sweat you pour into making it come alive. It is like raising a baby, and therefore, you should do everything in your power to see it through to the end so that you can pass it onto your children one day in the future. That is how empires are built.

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