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Pros of Online Fax Services

Online FAX Services

After getting a unique fax number from your online fax company, you can now exchange documents using a cloud system. You will, therefore, place your faxes in cloud storage before sending them. This is how you send and receive faxes on the internet. You will not need physical spaces for keeping your faxes.

1. It is Easy to Use 

Using online fax services is easy. Therefore, you do not have to purchase and install a fax machine. It cost more money to purchase and install a fax machine. And you don’t need to worry about finding a fax machine near me.

Here is how you can send and receive faxes: 

Sending Through Email: Converting your documents into different file formats is easy using an online fax service. Online fax services allow their clients to choose their preferred file format. 

Once you login into your email account, enter the recipient’s fax number and the online fax service’s extension onto the space, where you enter an email address. 

Once you complete converting the document, upload it. Once you attach the document, you can now send it. 

Receiving Through Email: Receiving faxes through email is easy. In fact, a fax machine is not even needed. If the sender has your online fax number, they can send you faxes through email. 

Your online fax provider will convert the document. Then, send the converted document to your email address. You will then login into your email account to download the document. 

It is easy to download and open the document. You can even use any device to open the document since you do not need a fax machine. 

2. Security

It is more secure to send and receive faxes using an online fax provider. However, cybercriminals can breach online transactions. They cannot breach online faxing since it is more secure. 

Choosing a trustworthy and reliable online fax service can even improve security. Therefore, find out how the online fax service stores their clients’ documents and how they safeguard the delivery of these documents. 

It is even better to check out their client reviews. They can help you choose a reliable online fax company. 

Here is how you can ensure your faxes are more secure: 

Confirmation Emails: Online fax providers use confirmation emails to stop cybercriminals from accessing the fax accounts of their clients. Therefore, your online fax provider will send a confirmation email when sending a fax. You will have to click the special link in your confirmation email. 

Therefore, if an intruder manages to access your account, they cannot send or receive faxes because they cannot access your email. If you get a confirmation email and you have not sent any fax, do not click the special link. 

If you cannot log in to your account, you can request to change your password. Changing your password can stop people from using your account. 

SSL Encryption: Online fax services use SSL encryption to prevent cybercriminals from accessing their clients’ accounts. It is, therefore, safe to send faxes on the internet since you will not share your personal information. 

It is easy to know if the online fax service uses SSL encryption. You will just check if they have ‘HTTP’ on their website URL. If you are sending a fax, they direct you to a more secure web browser. You can use the browser to read and download your documents. 

Extra Security: Online fax services offer extra security to their clients. They do everything they can to protect the documents of their clients from unauthorized access. However, it is usually expensive to get extra security. 

In short, you can safely use online fax companies since they are much safer than traditional fax machines. Online fax services do not leak the vital information of their clients. Strong encryption prevents cybercriminals from accessing these documents. However, if you use traditional fax machines to send faxes, you are more likely to lose your hard copies. 

If you use an online fax company, you can use your email to save your documents. It is safer to use your email since no one else can log in to your email account. 

You can even protect your documents by assigning them a password. If someone wants to view the documents, you can just send them the password. You will know who has your password. 

A lot of cybercriminals do not even try to access online fax. If someone tampers or edits your document, you will know immediately. This is because the person leaves a trail. 

3. Avoid Buying Paper and Machines 

You will store your documents on cloud storage. You will not need to store them in your office or home. Therefore, you do not have to purchase fax machines, storage cabinets, reams of paper, and folders. 

If you are sending your faxes on the internet, you do not need papers. It cost more money to use traditional fax machines. You can send your documents online to save money. 

You can use your mobile device or computer to access your documents on cloud storage. It is easy to send, copy, view, and download these documents. 

In fact, you do not need to be in your office to access your documents. If you can connect your computer or phone to the internet, you can access your documents. 

It is also easy to print a specific part of your online faxes. For instance, if someone sends a document with 50 pages and you just need to print the last page, you can print out that page. You will not need to print out 50 pages. Therefore, you will not spend more money printing out 49 pages. 

If someone uses a traditional fax machine to send the same document, you will need to print out 50 pages to get that last page. It costs money to print 50 pages since you will use more paper and ink. 

4. Affordable 

You will spend money to subscribe to an online fax service. However, you will not need to purchase paper, ink, and a fax machine. It is much cheaper to subscribe to an online fax service than to purchase paper, ink, and a fax machine. Therefore, using online fax services is more affordable. 

You will pay a monthly subscription. You will need to choose the right plan. If you are sending several faxes each month, you may have to purchase an expensive plan. 

You will need to consider the number of pages you need to send each month when choosing an online fax service. 

In addition, some online fax companies can allow you to use a pool of fax pages. It is ideal if you want to receive more documents. If you do not plan to send several documents each month, it is much better to choose an online fax company that charges their clients per page. You will save money. 

If you are planning on sending faxes overseas, you might want to check the charges for international faxing. In fact, you may not need to pay more to send faxes to your international clients. It is better to check with your online fax company to avoid spending more money.

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