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Pros And Cons Of Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure At Home

Blood Pressure Monitoring

According to the US centers for disease control and prevention, about one out of every third of Americans suffers from high blood pressure (hypertension). High blood pressure has become a very common problem all across the globe. You can blame lifestyle choices, the mental stress faced at work, financial or family problems, etc. all these can have an effect on your blood pressure. What happens in hypertension is that the long-term force of the blood in the body going against the artery walls becomes really high enough to eventually cause health problems like heart diseases. Blood pressure is determined by the amount of resistance created by the arteries against your flow of blood and the amount of blood pumped by your heart. 

If your heart is pumping more blood and your arteries are narrow, it will cause high blood pressure and vice versa. 

Reasons to buy a blood pressure monitor

Since it’s so common nowadays, it may tempt you to think that it’s no big deal. But that’s not true; there are some very severe problems. So, it is very important that you keep track of your blood pressure and check your blood pressure frequently, especially if you are prone to fluctuating blood pressure, stress and anxiety. You might have high blood pressure without any symptoms. However, early detection can help you prevent a lot of major ailments. The easiest way to track your blood pressure at home is by purchasing a blood pressure monitor in large cuff or small cuff sizing. A digital blood pressure monitor is designed especially for people who need to use it at home. Check out some amazing features of digital blood pressure monitors. 

Ease to use

The digital blood pressure monitor is super easy to use as compared to the manual blood pressure machine. It consists of just two parts, a monitor and arm cuff. You just have to wear the cuff around your upper arm; that’s it. The machine will start the assessment as soon as you press the on button. 


Then comes the readability, which is super easy to understand in digital monitors. The manual blood pressure monitor works on mercury, which can be hard to read and understand, especially by older people or beginners. The readings are displayed on the screen in the digital version. A digital blood pressure reading is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)

Negative effects of hypertension

If you don’t have automatic digital blood pressure and take hypertension lightly, you are likely to be prone to the following problems.

Risk of heart attack

High blood pressure or hypertension can damage the walls of the arteries. This makes the arteries more likely to get deposits of plaque that narrow, harden or block the arteries. These blocks also can cause blood clots. Blood clots then flow through the bloodstream and block the flow of blood from reaching the brain or heart, resulting in a stroke or heart attack.

If you want to prevent problems related to high blood pressure, make sure that you buy a digital blood pressure monitor to check your BP whenever required. 

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