Professional Skills Needed For The 21st Century

Professional skills

Professional Skills Needed

Rare and useful professional skills are so much in demand in this 21st century. All job seekers are, out of sheer necessity, obliged to acquire, and more to the point, fine-tune numerous professional skills that can help them undertake their duties in a comprehensive manner. Being able to do so will let you become an all-around, more relevant and highly marketable employee in the career you pick. It is important to note that for each vacancy, there are many applicants, who by technical prerequisites, are more than eligible.

Yet what makes superior candidates stand out from the rest of the pack transcends well beyond their technical credentials. Most companies normally wish to fully ascertain if prospective workers possess 21st-century professional skills they can bring to the table. So, if you wish to remain marketable in your given career, you have to rely on much more than your academic profile or experience. Here then are the top 3 skills needed for 21st century professional that you must master.

1. Critical thinking and analytical problem-solving

Recruiting companies more than anything else want workers who are able to think out of the box. These are the workers who don’t need constant supervision to efficiently go about all their professional obligations. At the same time, these are the kind of workers who can achieve much more than what is expected of them, thanks to their own initiative. As such, being able to think critically is an essential prerequisite for the 21st century professional. When you are able to think critically, you can come up with practical ideas to solve professional problems which would overwhelm a mediocre employee.

Critical thinkers utilize more than the basic professional resources that are at their disposal. They are also able to obtain feasible solutions to any issue they may face through their analytical problem-solving skills. As a result, many employers make it a point to determine this particular issue whenever they conduct interviews. To move up the professional ladder, you will have to acquire critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills. Rather than simply limiting yourself to your professional knowledge and accrued experience as a mediocre 21st century professional would do.

2. Effective communication and collaboration

To be a bonafide 21st century professional it is extremely mandatory that you make all effort to become an excellent communicator and collaborator in the job setting. Being a worthy communicator can lead you to discover that you are in a better position to efficiently interact with both your colleagues as well as superiors. Also, you will find yourself in a good position of taking care of vital communications with both existing clients and prospective ones.

When it comes to collaboration skills, they are extremely necessary if you carry out your professional duties in a team environment. As you may probably be aware, the ultimate success of any team-oriented project lies not only in each member’s individual input but also the entire team’s collective effort. Consequently, it is prudent to be familiar and conversant with using all the necessary technologies, which bring about top rate communication and collaboration in professional circles.

3. Touch typing

Besides the above-reviewed skills, a true and all-around 21st century professional must make his or her business to be good in touch typing. In essence, this particular professional skill is meant to significantly improve your typing speed and accuracy as well. To this end, it teaches you an ‘ironclad’ typing technique that enables you to use your motor reflexes instead of your sight when you type. This naturally permits you to focus all your concentration fully on your PC’s monitor rather than the keyboard. As would be expected, there happen to be a wide range of benefits you can be able to access by taking the necessary time and effort to master touch typing.

To begin with, once you are a master touch typist, you will begin to notice substantial improvements in your productivity. In this state of affairs, you will find it infinitely easy to draft accurate and in-depth reports, memos, internal circulars and even professional client proposals in a markedly shorter time than you previously did. This, in its turn, will allow you to take up more work with a high level of precision, which will make you more marketable to both your existing and prospective employers. Learning how to touch type will also make you imbibe the right typing habits. This will reduce the risk of sustaining injuries or fatigue when you type for long periods of time.

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