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Producing Professional And Successful Video Content

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The video is now the most important form of media going. A recent analysis by Forbes found that 80% of all web traffic goes to videos, and this number is only set to increase. As a result of this, it’s becoming easier and easier to produce professional quality videos and to have them seen on the internet. For the amateur videographer, there’s a lot of opportunities to be had.

A Professional Facade

Before you record your video, you should think about its presentation online. Gaining more subscribers and views is easier than it has been in the past, but it still requires a few steps. SEO optimization is probably the most important thing for videos – Google deploys similar algorithms on the likes of YouTube to the ones they do on their search engine. There’s a lot to consider; the wording is important, as is meta tags. Some less common tips are worth remembering, too; IBM notes the importance of an engaging thumbnail, for example. Find your end result before you record and use that as the starting point.

Using Your Equipment

Great quality video no longer demands the use of expensive top-shelf brands. Take it from expert photographer Christian Nachtrieb, speaking to the New York Times. Modern smartphone lenses are of the quality that you can invest your time in composition, lighting, and point of view. Mastering the settings and capabilities of your current technology will give you the footage you need prior to the processing stage.

Learning How To Process

A lot of the magic of film is put in through post-processing. Blockbuster fantasy and sci-fi films receive their CGI treatment; art pieces find color wash and saturation changes. Essentially, the processing part of any video is your chance to add magic. Many of the best suites for producing these effects are freely available nowadays via smart equipment app stores, or for nominal fees on desktop PCs. There are also numerous great online courses, often for free via YouTube an the like, that can teach techniques and provide a foundation on which to hone your skills.

Video editing can be done professionally at a fraction of the cost it used to take. Through the internet and complementary software for your smart devices, you can make videos that you thought may require the Midas touch. All it takes is a little dedication to master the various platforms you’ll deal with.

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