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Pro Gaming Lifestyle Guide: How to Achieve Balance in 2022

Pro Gaming

Today, everyone has at least some experience with video games. Video games hide in all of our phones, in living room consoles, and on private laptops. At work, even colleagues use their breaks to discuss the latest releases, and during family dinners, cousins debate over their favorite titles and video game characters. While for most of us, gaming is a fun hobby, some people choose gaming as a career. If you’re getting more and more serious about pro gaming, here are a few things to know about maintaining the balance between life and gaming in 2022. 

Set up a gaming schedule

First of all, pro gamers need to be disciplined about managing their time. If you divide your time between different activities, you will maximize your gaming time and still achieve a healthy balance and reduce stress. You could spend an hour happily playing a blockchain game, but you should then spend an hour doing something else, like exercising or reading. With good time management, you’ll manage to hang out with your family and friends, remain active and achieve your goals faster.

Take frequent breaks

Gaming is very immersive and you can easily lose track of how much time you’ve spent seated. It might not sound like much, but just getting up from your chair and moving around the house can benefit your health in the long run. You can even invest in a standing desk that relieves some of that pressure from your back, neck, and butt and ensures you engage your muscles more. Every 30 minutes, get up and do some eye exercises and muscle stretching for a few minutes. When you’re playing esports, you can easily perform some exercises while you’re waiting for your turn. Having a proper gaming desk can also help with your posture and joints in the long run. Click here to learn more about these gaming desks by Turismo Racing.

Try fitness games

If gaming is your true passion, you can mix video games with fitness and try some activity-based games. With motion control technology, you can enjoy fitness competitions and dancing so you can turn your favorite pastime into physical activity. 

Eat well and stay hydrated

To achieve top-line health and balance in your life, it’s important to stay well-fed and hydrated. While it’s easy to rely on junk food while you’re gaming, adding some fruit, fresh veggies and whole grain to your diet will do wonders for your energy levels. It’s also crucial to stay hydrated because dehydration can cause loss of focus and speed, both of which are crucial for gaming. If you don’t really like water, you can grab a gaming energy drink that provides you with hydration, energy, focus, recovery, and great taste. With plenty of vitamins, nootropics, and caffeine, you’ll stay hydrated, healthy, and alert. 

Improve your posture

So-called gamer posture is instantly recognizable due to hunched shoulders and craned neck. While comfortable at the moment, this bad posture will make it hard to keep hands and wrists aligned. Also, you can expect chronic pain in the future if you don’t fix your posture right now. Slouching is connected to muscle issues all over your body as well as digestive issues. Try playing with your back straight against the chair and your monitor at eye level. 

Pay attention to your mental health

Your mental health is one of the most important things for your lifestyle balance and needs to be factored into your wellness and health. It’s easy to find horror stories about pro gamers burning out and having mental breakdowns due to pressure. If you feel stressed about gaming or work that interferes with your gaming dreams, remember to take a break, talk to your family, friends and professionals and take an occasional break from it all. 

Nurture your hand and wrist health

As a gamer, you don’t have to worry about breaking your leg or snapping your tendons. However, professional gaming also comes with injuries, most of them connected to repetitive stress like carpal tunnel. This wrist injury can prevent you from gaming altogether if you don’t manage it properly. Many pros spend years managing their hand and wrist injuries but still end up in surgery, so it’s best to prevent carpal tunnel with regular exercise than to spend years in pain and pain management. 

Don’t skip sleep

If you’re trying to balance your day and stay organized as an aspiring pro gamer, it’s important to prioritize sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause many unwanted side effects and negatively affect your gaming and your health. Make sure to get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep so your body can recover and your mind unwind. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll feel ready to take on the day and make some clear-headed decisions. 

Gaming is super fun, and if you’re dedicated to it, it can become a real career. So next time you’re all fired up for a game, keep in mind the importance of balance in your life and make sure to take many breaks to rest and replenish your energy, do some exercise and stretch your hands and legs regularly. When you feel like gaming outside of your schedule, you can engage in fitness games and share your results with the world. It has never been easier to achieve balance while pro gaming than today. 

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