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Some Premium & Free SEO Tools for Boosting Site Visibility

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While focusing on search engine optimization, you must necessarily avail some handy SEO tools. In case you are not having any budgetary constraints and you are able to afford premium tools, you could use them for boosting your site’s visibility and overall SERP ranking. However, if you are having a cash crunch and there are certain budgetary constraints, you may avail the services of free SEO tools for achieving much-enhanced SEO rankings. You could choose the right tools from a plethora of them available online.

While trying to build a robust web presence and establishing a niche in your trade, you may require some assistance for achieving SEO success and higher SEO ranking. How can you understand that your web content is relevant to your target audience? Is your content really relevant to the typical search terms used commonly by people? Does your resource appear organic for search engines like Google? Smart SEO tools would be assisting you in identifying the right answers to all these questions associated with enhanced site optimization.

Visit  to understand how the SEO tools industry is performing. The popular SEO tool industry in 2016 was valued at $65 billion and consistently growing. It was forecasted to grow to $79 billion by 2020. In a survey, it was reported that out of a sample size of 357 marketers, about 94 percent had concrete plans of boosting their SEO budget through 2017. This growth would continue consistently well into 2018. Use Tayloright for great professional reviews and SEO assistance.

Some Effective Free SEO Tools

Google Keyword Planner Tool

It is supposed to be the most widely used and popular SEO tool among website owners. This tool effectively helps you in understanding what precisely people want worldwide or only in your region. You could use the tool for determining how certain keywords would be performing or even generate a new keyword. You may use this effective free tool for searching ad group ideas. You could also, choose competitive budgets and bids for using along with your campaign.


Moz is supposed to be a really competent and smart suite of tools that are actually available for free to everyone. These would be including SEO Toolbar, Social Analytics, Link Building, Local Marketing, and even Google Changes. You could use Moz for finding how and precisely where your business could be found. Moreover, you could now know accurately the number of online users looking for it.


It is supposed to be a highly popular SEO analytic tool that is compatible with some of the really popular browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It would be providing perfect information regarding any website visited by you, on certain parameters, such as the Google Index, page rank, Alexa, etc. Moreover, it could also, be used for demonstrating the number of times a phrase or keyword had actually appeared on the web page.

Most Popular Premium Tools

Authority Labs

It is a fantastic SEO tool used to track SEO ranking simply by entering your domain name along with the precise keywords, you desire to track. You would be getting a 30-day free trial version that allows monitoring maximum 1000 keywords and 50 domains.


It would be providing you with a comprehensive report containing competitor information regarding the use of keywords in the search engine. You could examine with this tool if a specific domain got badly hit by Panda Update in the past year and do meticulous research to find out the accurate traffic generated. We know that SEMRush is today available in both the versions premium, as well as, free.


The most effective SEO tools must essentially provide trusted links which would be driving traffic and lending authority to precisely your website. These must be able to trace prospective linking sites, provide effective data about who is coming back to your site.

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