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Practices That Make You a Good Programmer

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There is a common misconception that it is imperative that you know different programming languages for you to be a good coder. This is not true in any sense. Before you can jump to another programming language, you must master one first. There are some tips that will come in handy if you’re looking to become a good programmer and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Study Data Structures

Data structures are considered to be the building block of any computer program. You can try to imagine it like the bricks that are used to construct a house. The data structures will determine the speed and efficiency of the computer program when it comes to solving problems. The correct way of studying data structures is to look for a good book that addresses the fundamentals. There are also a ton of video tutorials and resources on the internet which you can use to your advantage. The second approach will be to try and implement the data structures when you’re building the code from scratch. Make sure to take some time to determine the data structures that can be used to solve problems before you begin writing the code.

Study Algorithms

A good programmer is not only good at using proven algorithms but also writing new ones. Algorithms are important because they will play a big role in determining how a problem is going to be solved. Algorithms can be seen as the most challenging topic to learn in programming. This is because it requires a mathematical approach to problem-solving. Even though it is hard to master algorithms, you don’t always have to invent them from scratch. There are people who did the hard work for you and you can use the algorithms that are already in place.

Look at Design Patterns

Programming is nothing but finding solutions to problems. It could be that better performance and functionality is needed and the program in place is not robust enough to address such challenges. Studying design patterns is one of the solutions to addressing some of the common problems in software design. A good programmer should be able to apply design patterns in technical coding. You can decide to look at ReviewAPI to determine if there is a consistency in design with other similar APIs in the market.

Read Books

When was the last time you read a programming book? A writer will read tons of books in order to improve their craft. The same applies to programming. A good programmer should always be on the lookout for new content. Experts recommend reading at least 5 books in a year. In addition to that, there are resources on the internet which you can use to your advantage. Books have condensed knowledge which will help you in learning faster. An important tip to keep in mind is not to read from cover to cover as you would with other types of books. You need to go one chapter at a time as you internalize the concepts.

Read Blogs

With blogs, you get up-to-date information compared to books. There is something new to be reported on a daily basis. You’re able to stay abreast of what is happening in the programming and technology world. You can also join forums as there are always spirited discussions and you’re likely to learn something new almost on a daily basis. You can make it a habit of reading a blog post every day so that you’re constantly informed.

Do Freelance Projects

Other than your main work, you can take on some freelancing projects to get a new perspective on things. With freelancing, you can choose the projects that you’re passionate about and also determine your rates and hours. There are some programmers that have decided to go freelance full-time because of the freedom that comes with it. There will always be a demand for good programmers should you decide to do it. Doing freelance gigs is a way of expanding your portfolio and you gain new experience as well. Many startup tech companies need individuals with excellent skills so building a portfolio can be your edge in getting selected by potential employers.

Teach Programming

One of the best ways of learning is to teach. You will always be presented with new challenges almost on a daily basis. You don’t need a classroom for you to get an audience. You can create videos, E-books, and tutorials that can be shared online. For you to be a good teacher, you will want to study everything involving the topic. You can also expect to be challenged with a lot of questions and you will have to do research.

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