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PPC Tips To Help Your Law Firm Generate More Leads And Higher ROAS

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Law firms need to use all the tools they can get to make sure that their services, like every other business, get across to their target audience. In making sure that their target audience is reached effectively, law firms can choose to work with internet marketing agencies like Social Firestarter whose main focus is to ensure that law firms and lawyers get the right recognition they deserve from their target audience and by extension, enjoy an increased number of clients seeking legal help.

If as a law firm or a lawyer, you aim to get your name out there, then Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most essential strategies to focus on. To run a successful PPC campaign, you can hire an InvisiblePPC agency, they will help you to manage your PPC advertising.

Through a PPC campaign, you may be able to boom your practice, especially if your campaign has been set up correctly. Setting up a PPC campaign requires knowledge and expertise, but it isn’t rocket science. Learning some of these best practices can help you get things started, or better still, you may choose to work with a digital marketing agency or an expert who specializes in helping lawyers or law firms get seen by their target audience. 

To ensure that you get the most from your PPC campaign, below are some tips that are recommended for you which can facilitate a higher Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). 

#1 – Pay Attention To Your Keywords: Use Negative Keywords

When launching and setting up your PPC campaign, you want to make sure that you are doing the right thing and this starts with having adequate knowledge of the right keywords for which you aim to rank. If you do not already have target keywords to work with, it is recommended that you use tools like Google Keyword Planner to research some of the relevant keywords associated with your law firm and area of legal practice. Using a keyword planner reveals the starting bid for each keyword, allowing you to choose one that most matches your budget.

After getting your ads up and running, it is also recommended that you target up to 5 relevant keywords. This allows you to rank higher for other keywords related to the top keyword. Also, ensure that you target more long-tail keywords like “personal injury lawyer free consultation” and more as these type of keywords tend to offer more leads compared to the one-word or short-tail keywords like “attorney” or “lawyer”

In addition to target keywords, also pay attention to negative keywords as this can be used to target the right type of audience. Several negative keyword generation tools can be used to get the right clients. An alternative is to add the opposite of your target keywords.

#2 – Make Use Of Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are beginning to gain traction and this may be because it is relatively new. Using this powerful feature in addition to Google Ads allows you to enter multiple headlines and descriptions in your ad, thus presenting a variety of texts and relevant messages to your target audience. Using responsive search ads, Google automatically tests several descriptions and headlines to better understand which one your customers are most responsive to.

#3 – Set Up Geo-Targeting Correctly

Unlike other businesses, like retail outlets where a business owner can be in one location and supply customers in another location, attorneys are location-specific in their services. This calls for the ability to make use of their location as part of the factors used in pushing their services and targeting the right audience. Setting up your geo-targeting correctly ensures that you are associated with clients in the target location, bringing more local business to your doorstep. Be sure to decide on the radius that most captures your locality and where a good number of your potential clients are located and target the area using their zip codes. It is important that you consider that most clients are not open to driving long distances to meet with their attorneys.

#4 – Automate And Keep Your Ads Relevant

While you may want to, it is mostly impossible to keep a 24/7 tab on your ads manually. However, with powerful automation tools from Google, you can achieve this and more. When considering automation, consider the aspects of your PPC marketing that requires that you be on the lookout 24/7, and automate those. In addition, ensure that your ads are targeted at searches and search engine users. Be sure to touch the pain points of the consumers and offer them a better solution or headway to their problem. You want to ensure that the idea of offering a solution is used to reel in your clients. Also, avoid boring titles as chances are high that an average internet user will pass upon such campaigns.

#4 – Promoting Your Law Firm Online

People have different ways of looking for a lawyer these days, but more likely, they are going to search online. They could use the ” lawyers near me ” keyword and get the contacts from there. This is the reason why you have to make it easy for your law firm to be found online. A strong online presence isn’t just about owning a website. For your information, a website is only fruitful if people are visiting it, if no one does, it is useless. Furthermore, the people visiting your site should be converted to clients, not just casual readers. For you to achieve this, you need to actively promote it online.

Developing your personal brand as a lawyer is of the best ways to promote your firm. Once people identify you as a lawyer, your firm is the next thing they will seek. It is important for each attorney or lawyer and firm to actively promote their brands online. If you need help optimizing and managing your Google Ads campaigns? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help.




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