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Power Facts And Stats On Influencer Marketing

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Influence marketing is the hottest culture in today’s time, the urge of becoming influence marketing is spreading like hellfire in the market, but before moving with influence marketing you need to know some essential facts that would certainly blow your mind.

Why people watch and follow certain influencing personalities and why do audience share and retweet tweets from one user to another for this you need to understand the onset and offset dealing of clients with influence marketers and the widespread science behind on which influence marketing works.

There are tons of articles and theories on influence marketing and persuasion of it that coordinately casters an exact model of user behavior with the top-notch influence marketers.

There are existing sacks of dusted facts that writers fears to open up, as it will directly reflect on their business platform, influencer marketing isn’t just sharing products and gaining audience engagement, there’s something giant behind it that no one turns to open.

Influence Marketing and Marketers

Influence marketing takes the idea of product endorsement and transforming into content-driven marketing campaigns that leverage new algorithm and marketing techniques and works across the platform.

People who pursue influence marketing are called as influence marketers who have already aligned audience and have a certain number of fan following that they actively engage with, an influence marketer establish a relationship with their audience in order to get more engagement and there these influence marketers turn engagements into business logic designs. Any personality could become an influence marketer with a specific audience hold and popular flagship, they could be just a blogger or a celeb influencer or a sports personality.

Actually brands are nowadays getting more inclined toward influence marketing because it generates more returns on one side where people are distancing TV adds, brands are facing major investment loss, other they found when an influencing personality with a steep bag of followers endorse or promote any of the product bindings with their personal experience, the audience tends to trust more and gets more inclined towards making a purchase of that particular endorsed product this eventually reverts more ROI( Return On Investment ) and thus it becomes the new age marketing tactic, where high end international or national brands hire celeb influencers who have estimated charges of $1 million or half a million dollar per social media post, however, influence marketing can severely vary from person to person and from brand to brand, there are innumerable options for marketers and brands to choose from whom to collaborate with.

Brands began to leverage marketers to earn business crafting with relatable characters to evoke users leads, there are specific types of influence marketers depending on their audience hold:

Nano influencers with 1000 to 10000 followers

Micro-influencers with 10,000 to 50,000 fan followings

Mid-tier influence marketers with 50,000 to 100,000 followers

Macro influencers who clutches over 500,000 to 1,000,000 social media followers

High tire influencers who are close to the status of celebrities with 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 fan base

Celebrities with beyond 5,000,000 followers.

And the major facts are the collaboration and brand promotion with these influence marketers goes in the same order as above mentioned.

Influence Marketing Power Facts And Stats

Influence marketing statistics represent the behind ratio of market conversion over which giant companies predict their returns and invest high term functionality over influence marketing and collaboration, influence marketing statistics help the mega organization to decide and find business probabilities according to the onset and behind dealing and influence collaboration.

All the stocks and investment are pre-calculated how much to invest how long to invest how to perform, whom to hire and how to build relations, all these are already planned and invested, high-end business investors have number of data observers and stats calculator keeping sticky eye on how much the company will have in return on so and so investment.

Influence marketing is challenging to business hype promotional sales gross sales all these direct effects the business growth and influencer’s judgment too.

Becoming an influencer is not an easy task you are strictly required to follow some business rules, actually few influence marketers think of violating the marketing rule and they even do so and many time they escape themselves from eye of the detector, but have you ever thought of what is you’ll be caught cheating in the online social market, have you ever thought off the paradigm you will face afterward would be so dramatic that it could rotten all your previous genuine efforts and deliberately spoil your social image.

Here I am listing some powerful and must known facts and stats on influencer marketing you need to be aware of.

  • Influence marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition channel
  • For the upcoming years, 78% of brands have planned to increase their influence marketing budget
  • By 2020 influence marketing will be going to become a $10 billion industry.
  • Alone Instagram influencer marketing is a $3.8 billion industry.
  • Over the past three-four years, influence marketing searches have grown up by 1500%
  • For every $1 dollar spent on influencer marketing businesses are making near about $6.9 in earned media value.
  • Stats from 2018 shows that 92% of brands who have tired influencer marketing found it to be an extremely effective business channel.
  • 95% of brands and marketing uses Instagram for their influence marketing campaigns and business outreach.
  • 56% of influence marketers approximately receive 4 to 5 business proposals a month.
  • Near about 65% of influence marketers utilize Instagram stories for sponsored business campaigns.
  • Nano and micro-influencers are frequent business dealers and insight generator than high tire influence marketers.

Hope you must have learned something while reading, do share your comments and we are open for suggestions.

Sohel Ather
Author Bio: Sohel Ather is a Senior Software Engineer and a content writer by passion, He enjoys exploring the latest software development technologies and taking on new challenges. 



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