Possible Apple Car Design

Apple Car Design

Releasing your very own electric car to the current competitive market is no easy task, but there are still rumors of an Apple electrical car being brought forward somewhere around 2019. There are a couple of reasons which give strength to this speculation, among them the fact that the Cupertino-based company has been purchasing properties in California for testing purposes as well as hiring people out of the automobile community. However, experts believe it’s too early to say anything about Apple Car.

Still belief is held that all this development is tentative and none of the work put into researching the electrical work will actually materialize. Apple has a precedent of researching technologies that never gets out of theoretical versions much less make it to market, as was proven by Apple’s indulgence into HDTV research. With no actual physical proof of the Apple Car, it is hard to say anything concrete regarding it. We have been practically blind to its potential specs, shape or progress, however that ignorance may get remedied very soon.

Motor Trend showed tentative sketches of a modern looking car on their twitter account earlier today, while also constantly hinting at the fact that it may be the hugely anticipated Apple Car design. The twitter account popped the question “Is THIS the #AppleCar?”, creating hype and encouraging users to check in tomorrow to make sure.

Obviously nothing is certain as of yet but it is rather unlikely that sketches of the Apple Car leaked and Motor Trend got hold of them. There is always the possibility that this is all speculation on Motor Trend’s part as well, that they, in fact, are predicting what the Apple Car will look like instead of actually possessing advanced designs for the project. The possibility that Motor Trend is doing this only to garner some quick publicity is also likely, but nothing can be said until the sketches are released tomorrow.

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