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Polygen Is An Awesome Polygon Wallpaper Generator For iPhone And iPad

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Along with my laptop and iPad, I use my iPhone for up to two-three hours every single day, so it should look nice to the eyes, right? With that in mind, I believe a nice wallpaper is the difference between a good-looking homescreen, and a great-looking one. There are loads of excellent apps available for finding lovely wallpapers – BackDrops is my favorite – and today we have across Polygen: an app that allows you to generate beautiful polygon wallpapers for iPhone and iPad.

polygon wallpaper generator iphone

First things first: a ‘polygon’ is a plane figure with three or more sides. I am not sure what is the science behind it, but polygon wallpapers are almost always delightfully eye-catching. They are a popular choice for wallpaper enthusiasts, and so you will find plenty of them online in the form of bundles and packs on various wallpaper collection websites.

Free Polygon Wallpaper Generator

Now while it is somewhat fun to go hunting for nice wallpapers, it is simply easier to generate them locally on your target device, in this case your iPhone and iPad. That is what Polygen does: it is a free polygon wallpaper generator, and it kicks butt!

The app itself is exceedingly simple. Much of it is dominated by the sample, randomly generated polygon wallpaper. You will find two buttons at the bottom corners. A Refresh button for creating a new polygon wallpaper, and a Share button which opens up iOS’ standard share-sheet (I only used it for the ‘Save Image’ option).

generate polygon wallpapers iphone with polygen

For free users, that’s about it. People who are willing to pay money – a mere $0.99 – can generate custom polygon wallpapers. You can choose between five colors, select which direction for the color to progress to (horizontal, diagonal, vertical, radial), change contrast, and lastly, adjust the size of each ‘cell’.

I do not think I have enough design sense to make much use of this ‘pro’ feature, so personally I will stick to viewing ads. Yes, there is a single ad unit in the free version.

Polygen is available for free (supported with ads). You can remove the ads and get more features with a $0.99 in-app purchase.

Download Polygen for iPhone and iPad [iTunes App Store Link]

Be sure to let us know what you think of Polygen in the comments section below.

Free Polygon Wallpapers Generated by Polygen

Just tap and hold > Save Image to see it in your

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